Another Busy, Yet Fun, Weekend For the Books

What a wonderful weekend it has been.  I'm so glad to enjoy it with my family.  This was the last weekend before soccer and our Saturday mornings become complete chaos.

I'm finding myself getting all wrapped up in the kids lives, which is something I really do love about being a parent, even though sometimes I ache for some me time.  Sydney is getting ready for preschool.  She'll go two mornings a week starting next week.  Her open house is this Thursday morning.  She also has dance on Monday evenings.  I promised her I'd look into a gymnastic class since I vetoed tap class.  Her dance studio is in Eudora which is only a couple of miles out of Lawrence, but on the other side of Lawrence from where we live and with all of the students here in this small town, traffic stinks and it's about a 30-45 minute drive one way.  I didn't want to do that 2 nights a week.  She's also playing soccer again, but only on Saturday mornings.  Ben is in the first grade.  First grade!  It doesn't feel like he should be this old yet! He is playing soccer and has practices on Wednesdays and games on Saturday mornings.  I'm also looking into getting him into martial arts.  He's been begging me for well over a year now, and he needs something to give him an outlet for his energy, and a way to keep in shape.  I need to call the guy back and get Ben's free lesson scheduled so we can get the ball rolling.  We need to schedule Ben with some private lessons for baseball as well.  His t-ball coach offered to give him private lessons for free, and he was so good with him.  I'm also joining the PTO this year at Ben's school, still volunteering for Ben's teacher, and volunteering for Sydney's school.  Shawn is joining Watch Dog at Ben's school which is an awesome way for the Dad's to get involved.  Basically the Dad's have certain scheduled days where they wear their watch dog shirt and stand outside the school to make sure the kids get where they need to be.  It's kind of a security type thing, and Ben begged Shawn to do it last year.  This year, he's doing it!  We're getting all involved this year.

Ben had his first soccer practice of the season on Wednesday.  While he practices the girls play on the playground toys.

I scheduled Ben's birthday party so I get started on invites.  This is the first year he's inviting his school friends.  I'm so excited for him.  He wanted Lego theme for his party but would believe there aren't any Lego invitations or decorations around here or that I can find online to be here quickly?  I took it upon myself to make them myself.

Truth be told, I love a good craft project, and this was a great excuse to do one.  I think they are really cute.  Now to finish filling them out and mail them so I can get started on the decorations.

Thursday evening we went to Shawn's softball game and then to dinner at Johnny's with my mom and step dad.  They have really tasty burgers and pizza and stuff.

Friday evening, Shawn and I took Ben and Sydney to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It was a fun movie.  It was basically Transformers with turtles, but very funny, and a little nostalgic.  Last weekend, Shawn took them to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Rylie and Scotland get so much attention and keep us from doing things with the big kids sometimes, so we are trying to get them to do as much big kid things as possible.  Sometimes we have to split up, and sometimes we have Shawn's parents watch the babies.  Either way, we are doing the best we can to make all of our kids feel special.  It looks like there are a bunch of new movies coming out that the kids would love to see, so we might have a busy fall and winter with children date nights.

Saturday, we went to breakfast at one of our favorite diners.  We came home and got a little work done on the house.  Our garage is a huge mess since the move and we've been working on the house, so it's time to conquer that mess.  We're doing it a little at a time.  While handing Shawn boxes of Christmas stuff for the attic, I uncovered a scary little, or not so little, stow away.

Yes, I decided I wasn't touching another thing until he was gone.  Armed with a golf club and my phone for video recording, I was ready to watch Shawn smash it with a board from the bottom of a dresser drawer.  Now don't get me wrong, all of God's creatures serve a purpose or whatever, and had this guy been outside, I probably would have just run away.  In my house though?  No way!  He must be killed.

Sorry for the screaming, but that guy was big and running towards me.  Oh Kansas spiders, stay away from me!

After it had cooled down a bit in the evening, to the Roots Festival in Paola, KS we went.  We made it in time to get settled in and our beers poured for the band we came to hear.

We've been every year, but came this year, excited to hear and see Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band.  They did not disappoint!  I love some good Zydeco music and a fun family friendly party, and that's what we got.  Shawn even went and bought the CD for me and had it signed after they finished performing.  Isn't he the best husband?!

There's music and booths with sellers, and yummy food.  We do love this kind of fun!

My girls, crack me up!  I just love them and their spunk. Sorry about the quality of the videos.  My phone doesn't take the best videos, especially at night.

Sunday, we slept in.  Rylie even slept until like 11:00 or noonish.  The rest of our day was filled with house work... laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and cleaning up the kitchen, bedrooms, and hallway. The household chores never end, do they?  Oh well.  I have to admit, I'm so in love with the way my kitchen looks, so the work is paying off.

That is one beautiful kitchen right there!  Ben says he loves the way I've decorated it so much, he wants me to decorate the whole house like this.  What a boy!

Alright, it's time for me to make some lunch for the girls and then get to some mending (Shawn's shorts, Sydney's doll, and the kid's great big teddy bear) and finishing up Ben's birthday invitations.  I need to get it all done before taking Sydney to dance this evening.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week.


Shawn Tiemann said…
The weekends keep us busy but I always love them. Maybe the three day weekend will give you a chance to sleep???

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