Douglas County Fair

The county fair was in town last weekend.  We love getting out as a family and having a fun time so of course, we had to go to the fair.  We haven't been in a couple of years and now that our kids are getting older, it was way more fun than it used to be.

When uploading my photos from my camera to iPhoto, some of the pictures got scrambled, making them look somewhat like the scrambled porn used to look on tv back in the day.  Fortunately I caught it towards the beginning but my pictures that it already got to were ruined.  I'm not a happy camper but there isn't much I can do now other than not use iPhoto to upload my photos.

My kids are animal lovers so of course, the first thing we had to do when we got there was see the animals.

I absolutely love chickens.  I don't know why but I do.  I love almost all farm animals really, but there is just something about chickens.

This guy looked so regal with his amazing coloring and beautiful, long tail feathers.

This guy looked like he had feathered boots on or something.  Really cool!

This one had the boot like feathers too but not quite as big or full as the last one.

The bunnies were really cool but unfortunately all but one picture of the bunnies got scrambled.

We used to have a bunny in our first apartment, named Jack.  He was so neat but I was allergic to him and/or his bedding so we ended up giving him to my parents and brother where he lived the rest of his life happy and fat.

Who doesn't love cows?

My husband likes cows but until recently it's just been a casual like oh yea, they're cool thing but now after watching this video he found on youtube, my husband wants cows.  I'm totally on board.

I wasn't really crazy about the sheep.  I guess they just reminded me of those ugly hairless cats once they've been sheared.

Pigs are always fun!

Hello Llama!

My girls love horses.  Rylie is actually obsessed with them.  They didn't have any horses in those stables with the rest of the animals but they had some ponies that the kids could ride.  They were all excited but Rylie was in hog heaven.  She talked the whole time "Me ride horse mommy! Mommy look, Rylie on horsey!  Mommy, me Sheriff Callie!"  It was adorable!

After this, the kids rode some rides.  My kids have never done carnival rides before, so this was quite an experience.

We just did a couple of rides since we're saving some of that for the Missouri State Fair.  I can't wait.  I think it's going to be so much fun.

After the rides we sat down to eat some yummy fair food and good old fashioned root beer.  Shawn and the kids had really good bison burgers and I ate bison tacos and bison nachos.  We all really liked it.  We had so much fun.


Mindy Gauthier said…
Looks like it was a great day. My favorite comment was about Rylie saying she was Sheriff Callie! I love it. Fairs around RI and most of New England will be starting towards the end of the summer and into the Fall, I do love to go to at least one.
Enjoy those last few days of summer vacation Liz - no matter what time of year it is it seems to fly by, but I think we try and do more in the summer! I go back to school August 26th - so my time to 'relax' is coming to a quick end. :)
Take Care!

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