Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather:::
Chilly!  I think it got up to 39 today, but it's been in the 50s and 60s.

On my reading pile:::  
I've been meaning to get started reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

On my TV:::
I haven't watched any TV yet today but maybe something off of the DVR tonight.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Boss Hawgs (Late lunch/Early Dinner out with my Grandpa)
Tuesday - Egg Sandwiches
Wednesday - Mexican (Restaurant for my Father-in-law's birthday)
Thursday - Creamy Rotini with Ham and Asparagus
Friday - El Mezcal probably (we usually go out on Friday nights as a family)
Saturday - At my in-law's house
Sunday - At my in-law's house

On my to do list:::
Finish folding laundry and vacuum.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Nothing at the moment, but looking for a good project.

Looking around the house:::
The house is finally getting back in order!

From the camera:::

Something fun to share:::
This was the first year my kids took part in New Years Eve partying of any kind.  We tried last year but they both fell asleep before midnight.  This year, they were so excited and were wearing party hats, playing with noise makers, and yelling "Happy New Year!"


Megan said…
Creamy Rotini with Ham and Asparagus sounds AMAZING. I'd love to see the recipe :)

I also can't wait for you to read Eat, Pray, Love. I don't know many big readers, so it's not often that I can discuss a book I've read with anyone.
Liz said…
I posted the recipe here http://attemptingtobeasupermom.blogspot.com/2011/04/creamy-rotini-with-ham-and-asparagus.html

I'm absolutely addicted to this blog for recipes:


That's where I got the recipe for the creamy rotini as well as most of the new ones I try. Seriously, she posts so many recipes. I mean tons and we haven't tried one we don't like. She needs to put out a cookbook. I'd buy it for me, all my family, and friends!

I'm excited to read Eat, Pray, Love. I liked the movie, but wasn't in love with it. I'm a dork and always watch the movies first. Since I always like the book more, I want to still be able to enjoy the movie, so I watch it first. I'm a book-aholic, it's just hard for me to find time to read. I feel like most of my reading are of children's books, but my kids love books too. Someday we'll all read our own books at the same time. Haha! Then I'll have more time to read.
Sandra said…
I love that pic, it made me giggle. He looks so cute, poor guy all tuckered out but still holding onto the noise maker LOL

Hope you're having a great week Liz :)

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