Where'd my motivation go?

Last night, we got Sydney to sleep around her actual bed time, but Ben wanted to stay up and party.  Finally he crashed at about 10:30.  If only I could have gone to bed at this time.  Too bad that wasn't the case.  Shawn and I had a lot left to do.  He had spent the evening ironing his clothes and we still had so many to fold and put away.  I finally got to bed a little after 12:30.  To a lot of people, this may not be a big deal, but I'm not a night person.  I'd rather be up nice and early, than be up late at night.

Luckily, my kids decided to sleep all night in their own beds.  They didn't get up, not once until 8:15 this morning.  This is not common here.  Ben is usually up coughing or wanting someone to come snuggle him.  Lately he's even been sneaking into our bed, only for us to wake up about 15 minutes later, being kicked or knocked out of bed.  Sydney usually climbs out of her crib and joins us in bed, anytime from 4 to 5:30.  What was the trick that made them stay in their beds all night????  I have to know because I need it to happen again and again and again.

After all of this, even with my late bed time, I woke up happy and energized.  I made beds, fed and dressed the kiddos, and spent the morning working on laundry.  I kicked hiney!  Now, my motivation is gone.  I need to go shower and I can't even get out of the computer chair in my bed room.  I need to work on my grocery list, and for some reason I can't even bring myself to do that.  Did I do too much too quick?  I think I'm just ready for a nap.  Too bad I have no time for one today.


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