Happy Birthday Sydney!

In true Liz fashion, I'm late getting this post out. Better late than never though, so on with the post.

Sydney made her entrance into the world seven years ago.

In honor of my little Syd turning 7, I'm going to tell you a few things about her and then post pictures from the last 7 years of her life, including several from the last year.

  • Her full name is Sydney Ann Tiemann.
  • Sydney is a name that we all loved. My mom and Shawn's mom both recommended it, not knowing it was already on our list of loved names.  That's when we knew it had to be her name. Ann is Shawn's mom's and sister's middle name, as well as my mom's middle name.
  • We thought she would be Danielle until about 2 months before she was born when we decided there was too many an sounds in Danielle Ann Tiemann.
  • Her birthday is March 9, 2010
  • She loves doing cartwheels and handstands.
  • She is my biggest helper. I always call her little momma, because she helps with housework and taking care of her siblings.
  • She can be very reserved and quiet, though never shy.
  • She is a performer at heart, whether it's singing or dancing, she just loves an audience.
  • She is extremely athletic. Soccer, baseball, running... it all comes naturally to her.
  • She worries that things aren't fair for everyone else, but hardly ever about herself. The thought of someone else getting the short end of the stick makes her very upset.
  • She rarely gets in trouble. Only for interfering in fights between her sisters.
  • She can be sassy, like a mini teenager.
  • Her favorite color is turquoise but she loves all the colors of the rainbow.
  • She loves superheroes and likes to pretend she has super powers of her own.
  • Her favorite tv shows include Lab Rats, Mighty Med, Fuller House, and Good Luck Charlie.
  • She is a fashionista and loves makeup and high heels even though the rest of us aren't thrilled with this.
  • She really likes wearing fancy dresses, like the sort for Christmas or Easter, only everywhere, even school.
  • She loves to play with her dolls and craft stuff.
  • She loves playing Minecraft on her iPad with the family.
  • She really loves playing outside and climbing trees.
  • When she was a baby she was a pacifier baby. She called it her ninny.
  • She loves doing her hair. She just brushes it non stop.
  • She's my most sensitive child. She cries at the drop of a hat.
  • She's child number 2 of 4.
  • Her favorite animal is a horse.
  • Her favorite food is McDonalds, cookies, and chili.
  • She loves clothes.
  • When she grows up she wants to be a pop star.


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