Lack Of Motivation on Spring Break

This week is the kids' Spring Break. It stinks a little. Last year and the year before we tagged along to Shawn's business trips, but this year he didn't have a business trip so, we're at home.  Everyone around us had spring break last week, but our city lined up our spring break with the college so we can't even spend our days doing stuff with cousins or anything.

The kids soccer started this week, which through a wrench in my day trip plans I was visualizing. It's hard to go somewhere a little ways away when you have to be back for practice by 5:30.

I bought some little seed pots from the dollar section at target and plan to do some fun stuff with the kids this spring break.

I also made sure to buy the kids some green shirts for the St. Patrick's Day Parade in town, since the kids first day out of school was St. Patrick's Day.

Friday, Shawn was out of town, so the kids and I went to the parade with out him. We met with some friends there. Believe me when I tell you, my kids were as good as gold the whole time. They didn't fight, they didn't run off, and they didn't even complain about the long walk to and from the parade. It was wonderful.

Shawn was pheasant hunting with clients and partners for his company. He said it was pretty fun.

Friday night, I made our traditional corned beef and cabbage. It was perfect! Truth be told, I look forward this meal all year round.

Saturday, Sydney had soccer practice early, so Shawn took her. When they got back, we headed straight to Kansas City. We spent the day outside, playing, walking, helping with yard work, and just having a great time, all of us together.

Sydney took a pretty cool picture.

And, right before dinner, Sydney lost a tooth.

Sunday morning, we had a play date with the kid's friends, Kendal and Taylor. It was so fun to just hang out at the playground, talk to a friend, and let the kiddos run and play. Shawn walked up and played with the kids as well.

Monday morning we had another playdate with the kid's friends, Sam and Scarlett at the playground.

Monday night, Sydney had soccer practice. Shawn came with us, and while she was practicing we were playing basketball.

Rylie took a pretty cool picture of a soccer ball.

After practice was over, Sydney and Sam came over, and all the kids, as well as Evan, Samantha's dad came and played basketball with Shawn.

The have chickens at this place where Sydney has soccer practice. Isn't that crazy?

Tuesday, Shawn got up early for a day trip to Chicago. This is where the wheels fell off of our Spring Break.  We were going to run errands and then have a little fun before Ben's soccer practice. We went to the garage and found Maya, not doing well. If you haven't read about our sweet Maya, here's the post I did about her and Tuesday. Long story short, our day was mostly spent at the vet, and our wonderful girl passed on.

Wednesday was spent moping and today, Thursday, has been spent doing nothing exciting.  I really lost my motivation and the kids haven't really been in it either. Ben has been on the verge of tears ever since Maya, Sydney and Rylie have little bursts of sadness here and there, but for the most part, the kids are just happy loving up Duchess and doing nothing. We need to do these flowers, but as I sit here typing, Ben's soccer practice is in an hour and a half. I've got to figure out dinner, and groceries, and everything else.

Saturday we have early soccer games and Sunday the kids have a good friend's birthday party at a park.  I have to do something worth while with them tomorrow, but it may storm. I need to check out the weather and plan something accordingly, but I can't let their spring break end like this.

Ok, I've got an hour and a half. I'm going to do those darn seeds with the kids right now. Right this second is where I bring back the fun. I have to, for the kids.


Ksunshine52 said…
Oh my word sweetie! You have had a rough week so give yourself and the kids a break! Sometimes just "being" is okay! Sorry for your loss. Hugs to all.

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