The Magnolia Story - Book Review

The first book I read, in my goal for 24 books this year, was The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines with Mark Dagostino
Hardcover: 208 pages  Publisher: Thomas Nelson (October 18, 2016)

First of all, I'm a huge fan of the show Fixer Upper. I'm obsessed with Joanna's decorating style, Chips sense of humor, the idea of fixing up a house into exactly what you want it to be, and I really like Chip and Joanna's dynamic and family life. That's what drew me to this book.

I really liked their story. It was a sweet book about two people who are total opposites, encouraging each other to follow their dreams from day one. I loved how on so many occasions they gave it all up to God and everything worked out the way it was supposed to, even if they didn't like the way it looked at the time. (Example: When Joanna closed her Magnolia Store to raise her kids and work on their home. Eventually, if you are fans of theirs, you'll know they re-opened the Magnolia Store at the Silos and are very successful.)

You should definitely read this book, if you like reading about good family values, and doing house renovations, and even the toll it can all take a family.

I loved this book and actually, as I was reading it, recommended it to my mom, who is also a Fixer Upper fan.


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