Little Gardening Project

Last week was the kid's Spring Break. I had bought a couple of little plant seed kits from the dollar section at Target for something fun to do with the kids. We planted all of the seeds Thursday afternoon and last night I noticed a sprout or two. This morning, after looking with the kids, and watching their excitement, I decided, maybe I should track the progress a little.

Here they are the evening we planted them:

The purple pots are sensitive plants.
The green pots are poppies.
The light blue pot is a daisy.
The dark blue pot is a forget-me-not.
The orange pot is a sunflower.
The hot pink pot is a coneflower.
And the larger tan pots are 2 watermelons, 2 cucumbers, and 2 tomatoes.

Here they are today:

Close ups of the pots sprouting plants:

Both cucumbers

All three poppies. They have the daintiest looking sprouts. Extremely small and fragile looking.

One of the sensitive plants.

And the sunflower.

Sydney told me that she was upset the tomato she planted hadn't sprouted yet. I told her to be patient. It was still so early.


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