Color matching game

So when I made the colored circles for the alphabet game, I had a bunch of extra pieces left over. I decided that it would be really fun to also make a color match game. Ben might be able to play this memory style as well seeing as there aren't as many pieces.

Color Match Game

What you need:

black construction paper
multiple colors of construction paper
2 circular objects of different sizes

1.  Trace the smaller circle on to the multiple colored sheets of paper.  Make sure you have 2 of each color. (I made a lot of circles for other projects and games as well.  You don't have to do this many.)

2.  Trace the bigger round object onto black paper.  Make sure that you do as many circles as you have already cut out, with 2 extra for the black game pieces.

3.  Glue the colored circles to the black circles so that you can't see the color when the game piece is flipped over.

And you're done!  Now you are free to play.


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