Time is flying by

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  Time is flying by so fast.  Yesterday, Sydney turned 2 weeks old.  Ben is becoming such a little man and a wonderful big brother as well.  I am still having a pretty easy time juggling the two kiddos and all the house work.  I keep waiting for it to get hard.  Even the days when Ben's being a bit of a brat, I'm exhausted from being up all night with Sydney and the kids won't nap aren't that bad.  I've not felt overwhelmed even once.  I love being here with them.

Last night was a sad night for our refrigerator art gallery.  We officially ran out of room and had no where to put the H is for House project we did last night.  I had to take A through G down from the fridge.  I'm trying to decide where to put them now because I don't want to take them down yet.  I'd like to keep them up for his learning.  They may go on the kitchen wall...  Stay tuned to see where the art ends up.

In other news, we looked at a house yesterday and I'm feeling optimistic about it.  We are going to be renting again.  I can't wait for the day we can buy a house, but that time is not yet.  This house is not perfect.  There is no basement and the kitchen is teeny tiny with no dishwasher (that's my favorite appliance in our current house) but it's a ranch style house (no stairs) newly remodeled, and lower rent.  Since I just lost my job, it would be nice to have the lower rent.  Also, the back yard is very nice sized and fully fenced in.  It's not perfect, but that's alright, we aren't buying it and it's better for what we need right now.

Yes, I mentioned a few sentences ago that I lost my job.  I don't really want to say to much because that company has been pretty good to us over the past few years and I'm friends with many of the people that continue to work there.  I'm not saying they were right in their decision to let me go, that it wasn't shady the way it happened, or that I'm not hurt about it, but maybe this is what I need.  I get to be a stay at home mom (what I've wanted since Ben was born) for a while and then maybe once Sydney gets a little older, discover new options like the possibility of in home childcare for 1 or 2 other children.  We'll have to see what happens in time.


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