The letter F

This week and next week with Daddy (due to my neglect this week with the letter crafts) will be all about the letter F.  I got this one from Totally Tots.  I didn't have the fake fur so the whole things is made from construction paper but it is super cute.

F is for Fox

What you will need:

brown construction paper
a pom pom
a googly eye

1.  Trace and cut out the letter F on the construction paper.

2.  With the scraps cut out 2 ears and a tail for the fox.

3.  Color the F.  My little one loves to color so we have very colorful letter animals.

4.  Glue on the tail.

5.  Glue on the ears.

6.  Glue on the eye.

7.  Glue on the pom pom nose.

And you're done!  Easy and super cute.

He was proud and showing it off!


sofia said…
nice works!! :)

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