The letter G

So we took a break last week from the letter of the week to have a baby, but now, we are back with the letter G.  This is letter idea that I got from Totally Tots.  This mom does some really cute and amazing things with her little one and if you haven't stopped by there yet, I highly recommend it.

G is for Goat

What you need:

construction paper
googly eye
markers or crayons

1.  Trace and cut out the letter G from construction paper.

2.  Color the letter G.

3.  Cut out a beard, horns, and ears for your goat.  Remember to fray your beard a little.

4.  Glue the horns on your G.

5.  Glue your ears on the G.  We glued one to the back side and one to the front side.

6.  Glue your beard on the G.  We glued this to the back.  I just thought it looked better.

7.  Glue on your googly eye.

8.  Since the G was large and floppy, we glued it to another sheet of paper to give it a little more support.

And that's it.  I thought it was really cute.

Also, I cut out Ben's foam letter G and while I was doing this, Ben was doing a G coloring sheet.

And the whole time we were doing crafts, Sydney was taking it all in while sleeping in her swing. I guess she didn't realize there is a quiz on this later, haha.


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