Friday of a busy, busy week

This week should have been relaxing seeing as I've been on bed rest.  Guess what!  It wasn't relaxing at all.  Tuesday, I had my doctor's appointment and Shawn had his.  He'd been seeing a doctor for his numerous health problems and the doctor had been pushing him off and treating him like he's a hypochondriac.  He decided to see a new doctor because there was really something wrong and he wasn't getting the help he needed or was paying for.  He went to his first appointment with the new doctor on Tuesday afternoon.  The doctor immediately set him up for a colonoscopy and endoscopy for Thursday. 

Wedenesday, Shawn started his fast.  I made him jello because he could only have clear liquids and jello.  Ben decided he wanted jello.  Shawn gave him a bite, and Ben gagged but apparently liked it because after he finally got it swallowed he wanted another bite.  The 2nd bite also made him gag and then he spit the jello out on the living room floor.  Once again, he went back for another bite.  Shawn decided maybe the bites were too big so he gave him a smaller bite.  Ben choked it down, but then promptly threw up on me and the couch.  The boy had been drinking chocolate milk for a good chunk of the day, which makes for a really gross vomit.  Sorry for the TMI, but get ready because there is more.  Shawn stripped Ben down and handed me the wet wipes so I could get cleaned up enough to get to the shower with Ben while Shawn cleaned up the mess.  I could not stop gagging and choking.  Please remember that I'm about to have my baby Tuesday, so I'm extremely pregnant and know that this is quite embarrassing but must be told because it's funny as well.  Every time I would gag or choke, I would pee, leaving more of a mess for poor Shawn to clean up.
We all know what it's like to prepare for a colonoscopy and if you don't, you'll have to look it up.  It's not pretty.  All night he was pretending like he pooped on his couch.  He kept saying that it was the only thing that could be done to the couch that hadn't been that night.  He's such a goober.

Yesterday, Shawn had his scopings and told me before hand that he wanted muffins.  While he was there, Ben and I came home and made him his muffins then went back to pick him up.  Ben was excited because he got to help me.

Later in the afternoon, we decided the weather was too nice to not go out and enjoy it.  We did exactly that.  I know I shouldn't have, but I sat on the toys at the park and took pictures while Shawn and Ben played.

Ben got a lot braver from the last time we were at the park.  I was a proud momma.

He didn't need any help getting up to the top.  Last time, we didn't even attempt this slide and this time, it was all he wanted to do.  Over and over again.  The look on his face made this a great time!

After the park, we went to the pet store again.  I think Shawn enjoyed getting to share this special fun stuff with Ben since when we do this stuff, Shawn's normally at work.  We got to watch some fish get fed.  I was a little worried that Ben would be disturbed by it since they were feeding these little fish to bigger fish.  He thought it was really cool and was quite excited to watch.  He really likes the birds.  I think they may be his favorite part although he was really excited over the tortoises and snakes.  It was so much fun. After the pet store we went to Cici's pizza for dinner.  It's fun to take Ben out to eat.  We don't get to do it often because we are very limited but I want him to have as normal of a life as possible even though he has a peanut allergy so it's very important that we do it from time to time.  Also, we want to make his last week as an only child as special as possible.

Today, after Shawn gets off of work, I'm getting a much needed pedicure and taking it easy.  I'm super excited for that.

Later I will post the letter of the week craft.  It's been a hectic week so it hasn't been done yet, but we will be doing it today and then Shawn is going to do other activities with him next week related to the letter F since this week has been severely lacking in lessons and letters.


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