So far so good...

We are on day number 2 of Shawn at work and me home with both kids.  So far, everything has been great.  I imagine as Sydney grows and becomes more active, things will get more challenging and difficult, but for now, it's been fun and not really any harder than before she was born.

Today, Ben and I worked on his letter G coloring sheets.  Tomorrow, we'll play our alphabet matching game, that I added the G to today.  Ben also decided that since I've been making him his letters out of the craft foam, so he can play with them and not have to worry about tearing them as easily, he wanted shapes as well.  I started them today and tomorrow I hope to finish them.  I'll take pictures of those tomorrow.

I thought I also needed to include pictures of Ben and Sydney on the couch today.  

Today, Ben did one of the funniest things.  I know, I'm starting to sound like one of those bragging mothers, but seriously this was so funny and unintentionally so on his part.  Sydney was laying on the couch and I was packing the diaper bag so that we could go to the park when Shawn got home from work.  Ben was trying to pick up Sydney off of the couch to hold her.  He really does love her.  I had him sit back and I handed her to him.  The whole time Ben was holding her, he was laughing hysterically.  I honestly don't know what was so funny, but to him, something was really hilarious.  Sydney started spitting up, as infants often do, and Ben was terribly disgusted.  He couldn't get her off of his lap fast enough.  He was making a horrified look and trying to climb up the back of the couch.  I could hardly get the spit rag out of the diaper bag I was laughing so hard.  Poor Ben.  The spit up was too much for him.  Hard to believe from a child that makes himself throw up every time he starts coughing or if he gets really, really angry.

The biggest change for me, since Sydney has been born, is that I'm on maternity leave and not working in the evenings.  I love being home with my family.  We have time together in the evenings.  Tonight, we went to the park as a family and then to Michaels for some craft things (finger paints, paint paper, pipe cleaners).  Shawn even commented on how nice it was to have the time together and the time to do things in the evening.

The park was not our best park experience.  It was Sydney's first time going.

We went to a park that Ben and I sometimes go to during the week while kids are at school, since we can't really go to our favorite park, seeing it is at a school.  There were a lot of other people at the park when we got there.  There were a bunch of teenagers in the shelter, listening to music really loudly, screaming profanities, and a couple of times, I smelled pot.  There was a boy, about 5 years old, and his father.  The father was standing around the areas where his son was, which Shawn and/or I often do with Ben.  Ben went up the steps to go down a slide and Ben was patiently waiting his turn when the other little boy grabbed Ben by his belt loop on his pants and his jacket and pushed him down the slide.  Ben hadn't even made it half way down the slide when the boy decided to come plowing down after him.  Luckily, Shawn helped Ben out before the other kid hit him.  The child's dad sat there watching the whole thing and didn't say a word.  I couldn't believe it, but didn't want to start any trouble, so we went to play on another set of toys instead of saying anything to him.  A woman and her 3 children pulled up in a teeny tiny Saturn.  Her children were probably ranging in age from maybe 10 to 13 and were quite large with mullets.  The mother sat in her car and watched the children play from the street.  She didn't even pull into the parking lot.  Her children ran over and pushed around the smaller children on the playground, most of the time not evening appearing to notice the other kids were there.  At this point we decided to go play on the swings.  Ben doesn't usually like the swings, but today he did.  It's probably because we kept comparing them to the swing Sydney lays in while I fix lunch and we do our crafts.

Needless to say, I don't think we will be going back to this park anytime in the real near future.  There are tons of parks out here that we don't need to put up with the rude people and poor parenting that we were exposed to today.  I know that we can't control other people, but we can control what our children are exposed to when we are around and today was something I don't want to experience again.

Ben didn't seem to notice the problems that Shawn and I did though.  This is good.  I'd hate for his park experience to have been ruined by some bratty children, irresponsible parents, and inconsiderate teenagers.  He seemed to have a good time.

I do want to let you know, that we found finger paints at Michaels and also founds lots of other fun crafty things that you should look forward to us using at craft time.  I will be using Michaels and Hobby Lobby in the future for most of our crafty purchases.  We've been using Walmart and they are much more expensive for a not as good selection of the same thing.  I admit that Walmart will probably continue to be used for our emergency purchases because they are easy and do often have what we need.  Also, I do typically find them cheaper than their competitors on a lot of other things such as clothes and often electronics.  I just wanted to make it clear, I'm not knocking Walmart.  It's one of my favorite (most visited might be a more appropriate term) stores, but for crafts, I will stick the stores that do primarily that.


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