Since my blog is about my family and I thought I would let you know a little about us and I'm going to start with Mr. Ben.

Benjamin Robert Scott Tiemann

Ben's birthday is September 17, 2007, making him 4 years old.

Ben is such a sweet boy with a great sense of humor.  He loves to make you laugh and is quite good at it.  He's his father's son and will be a comedian in life, whether professionally or just socially.   He's very much a typical boy.

His favorite books are all based off of some of his favorite characters.  He loves books about Cars, Max and Ruby, Curious George, and Spiderman (or any super hero really).

His favorite songs are Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads and Paradise by Coldplay.

Some of his favorite movies are:


Lady and the Tramp


Toy Story

Some of his favorite TV shows are:

My Little Pony

Dinosaur Train

Doc McStuffins


The Avengers (or any super hero cartoon)

Special Agent Oso

Max and Ruby

Super Why

Ben loves playing with his transformers, super hero action figures, hot wheels cars, and his magnadoodle.

His favorite foods are Macaroni and Cheese and Pizza and to drink, he likes water, milk, chocolate milk, sprite and root beer.

He loves to play outside and when I asked him what his favorite game was, he said "that's impossible."

Ben loves riding bikes, swimming, going to the playground, blowing bubbles, running through the hose, drawing with chalk, and going to his Granny's house.

He's a great big brother to his two younger sisters and he's a great help to Mom and Dad.


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