I Thought Life Would Slow Down... Joke's On Me.

Well last week was quite a week!  Thankfully this week is much slower.  I still have so much going on, even when it's slow though.  Between house work and 3 kids and my husband with his schedule and travel, I feel like  I could use a few extra hours in the day or maybe just two more hands.  Haha!  Maybe I could hire a maid just for folding and putting away the laundry.  That's my least favorite job in the house.  It takes forever, it's monotonous, and it's pretty much a never ending job.  

Over the last week or week and a half we've done lots of fun stuff, to balance out all the work, I've had to do.  

We've done a lot of planting.  I love flowers and who doesn't love growing some of their own produce.  Also, Shawn got some baby dog wood trees from his work so we had to plant those.  The kids were big helpers, especially Ben.

It's been about a week and a half and they look so beautiful!

The dog wood trees are even starting to sprout like crazy.  It's amazing.

We went to Final Fridays, which is this really cool thing Lawrence does downtown.  They have art galleries open all over the place and even places that aren't art galleries show art work and have live music and food and it's all family friendly and FREE!  The kids had a good time even though it was rainy and a little chilly.

We went to Omaha to visit Shawn's Aunt and cousins.  They are really nice people and there is lots of cute babies there too.

I wish it wasn't so far away, because I really do like them.  

Shawn was gone for three days and two nights.  That is a lot for the kids, and for me also.    We surprised him at the airport when he came home and with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I think he was genuinely surprised, which is really difficult to do, especially with two kids that don't really understand the concept of surprise, secrets, or being quiet.  

We like to walk to the park by our house in the evenings.  It's about half a mile away, so it also gives us the opportunity to not only let our kids play, but wear out their little legs with all the walking.  We see lots of fun things on our walks.  Pretty flowers, birds, rabbits, pine cones, a scarecrow that is made to look like he fell off the porch and a tree with a face on it.  The kids love it, and we use the opportunity to teach our kids things about nature and also crossing streets.

Friday, Shawn went to a Royals game with his dad and the kids and I went to The Plaza with Julie, Terry Chris and Morgan (Shawn's mom, a friend of the family, Shawn's brother and his girlfriend).

We ate at a fun and yummy restaurant called Tomfooleries.

After dinner we went shopping.  I will be going back for sure!  We went to H&M where Sydney turned into quite the model.  Did I mention that she is very into Hello Kitty?  Really it's any kind of kitty but she does really like Hello Kitty.

When we were leaving, a local news station stopped us to ask Julie some questions about the curfew out there (they've had some problems with young people out there and are trying to cut down on the problems with a curfew) so next week Julie and Sydney will probably be on TV.  I think Sydney was meant for TV.  Haha!

We went back to the house to wait for Shawn and his Dad to come home, and the kids played with Uncle CC and Aunt Morgan.

Saturday, we went to the Brookside Art Fair with Shawn's family and our good friend Torren.  (Torren is also the children's God father.)  There were so many beautiful things there I almost couldn't handle myself.  I love pottery and dishes, and there was a booth there with the most beautiful bowls and coffee mugs.  (Coffee mugs are an addiction of mine.)  Everytime I saw something new I would gasp and the artist, a beautiful young pregnant woman, told me that she loved my reaction and that it's why she does what she does.  I was a little embarrassed that she saw my reaction, but I'm glad she liked it.  I only wish I could remember her name.  The kids also got their faces painted for the first time.  They were too cute.

 The kids also got to go to the Chinese Buffet for their first time, or the first time since Ben's peanut allergy.  Shawn and I have both gone to this restaurant since we were kids with our families.  The owners knew us, and I was surprised that they remembered us.  Good people and good food.  Also, the kids were able to try a lot of different things and we fixed the "We don't like Chinese food" the kids have.

I'm always glad when my kids like new things.

Sunday we cooked out and the whole Tiemann family came over.  I love that they all come over here as well as us going to visit.  I've worked very hard to make this house a home and the secret to a home is family!

Yesterday, my sister and her kiddos came over to visit.  This was her first time seeing our new house.  I think she liked it.  She brought us lots of clothes for Rylie which I'm so appreciative of and the kids all got to play together.  That makes me so super happy.  The kids all played outside with one of the neighbor girls while my sister and I went through the clothes and talked and talked.

My kids love their cousins, as do I.  We really need to work on getting them together more.

Now, looking at all the stuff we've been doing over the past week and a half-ish, I realize why we are so busy.  And to think, I left out quite a bit.  Goodness, but at least we are having a good time, spending time together.


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