Bringing It Back

Sandra, over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom had blogged about going back to the beginning of her blog, and getting back to what she loved so much about herself and the blog.  It sounded like a good idea, and that's what I intend to do as well.  I want to blog about what's important to me, and what my family is up to.

I also want to get back into projects with my kids.  I'm planning on bringing back Watercolor Wednesdays and Finger paint Fridays.  I would like to work on the alphabet with both Ben and Sydney.  We'll probably do a lot of the projects we've already done, but they are new to Sydney and will make sense in a different way to Ben than they did before.  I'm hoping to spend more time either at the park or at the pool.  I'd love to get the kids going to play dates as well as "field trips" like the zoo, the river, the capital, etc.

I'm going to make my husband sit down with me and help put together a page I can be proud of.  I'm a little bit stupid when it comes to things like this, but he's not.  I've asked him before but he doesn't usually have time.  Truth is, I've asked him for help once or twice, when I thought of it and he was busy but I forgot to bring it up again.  Hopefully my blog will get a makeover and show a little more about me and not just something generic.

I love this blog and put a lot into it in the past, but I have seemed to abandon it and am only here for updates of the past week, not really the day to day.  I'm going to try to make my blog a part of my routine.  I want this to be something I can look back on and it bring back memories and joy.  Someday, I would like it to be something I'd be proud of turning into a book like Sandra is doing with hers now.

I'm happy with who I have become, my family, my home, my life, and where my life is going.

Please bear with me and keep coming back.  I've hopefully got a lot of fun stuff coming up.


Sandra said…
Liz I'm SO thrilled to see that you are going back to blogging full time too.

I feel like I got lost along the way, I stopped blogging, I turned to facebook because it was more an immediate reaction/reward. But the truth is that I just don't like it, it's too much drama, it's too much backstabbing and bullying and people attacking each other.

I'm so glad that I made the decision and felt pulled back into my blog, I want to look back one day and be able to show my kids that I kept a good record of their lives. As it is, there's a chunk missing due to the time I was not blogging as much and was on facebook. It bothers me :(

Anyway, I'll be visiting you daily :)
Liz said…
My thoughts exactly. I want to be able to go back to my kids and show them their lives. Sort of like a scrapbook with less mess. Haha! And the best thing is, when I photograph the crafts and step by step of making them, maybe I won't feel like I have to keep every piece of art they make. It adds up quickly.

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