Just Another Weekend, Gone Too Fast

I'm sure, like most people, we live for the weekends in this house.  I love the time we get to spend together and the fun that we get to have.  I also love the time we get to spend with our extended families.  This weekend was another absolute whirlwind.

I love when we get up and everybody comes to our bed (if they weren't already there) and we all snuggle, play on the iPad, watch TV, and talk.

I say that weekends start on Friday evenings here.  It's when Shawn comes home from work and the play time begins.  Friday I wanted to get some reading done and the weather has been amazing, so I decided to set up a nice spot outside and let the kids play.  Needless to say I only got about 5 pages of reading done.  It was too much fun playing with the kids.

I made a canopy with a blanket over the top of Rylie's swing so she could enjoy being outside without getting too much sun.

It was actually really hot though so when Shawn came home from work, he sprayed the kids with the water hose.

They really enjoyed it and it was so cute to watch them go running towards the water and then run away as quickly as possible.  

We even noticed our first ripe strawberry.  I was a proud garden momma.  Who doesn't feel a bit of pride when their plants are thriving?

Saturday we were busy busy busy!  We went to Shawn's cousin Matt's graduation party.  It's always nice to see the family.  I only wish I had gotten a picture of Matt.  

After that we headed across town to my mom's bonfire.  We spent a lot of time in the car.

And because Shawn's parents are on a diet we stopped at Wendy's so they could eat some salads.  We also fed the kids because we weren't sure (with the other kids running around at the bonfire) that they would actually eat.

I cannot get over how grown up my sweet little man looks.

We all had a wonderful time at Mom and Rob's house.  The kids all love spending time together and were so cute running all over the place.

We got home late Sunday and Saturday got up pretty slowly.  We went back to Kansas City and spent the day by the pool.  Yesterday was gorgeous, but the wind was a little cold.  The wind and the newly filled pool left the water quite cold.  That didn't stop the kids though.

Morgan was so cute with her little baby bump.

Shawn's Aunt Susie is moving back to Orcas Island on Wednesday.  We're all going to miss her.  Ben, Sydney, and Langston all got really attached to her while she was here.  We need to make sure that we get up to visit her at some point.  She says that it's absolutely gorgeous and has so much nice things to say so we definitely need to go.

She gave us her espresso maker and gave me a lesson on how to use it.  She also gave us some really nice glass cups.  She's such a sweet and good person and we'll miss not seeing her all the time.

Syd and LaLa have really become best friends.  I love how well they get along.  Ben is a good friend too, but those girls are too funny.
Morgan took this picture and it was too cute to not post.

Yesterday for dinner, Shawn's dad and sister made chicken and shrimp kabobs with tons of yummy veggies and pineapple, cheeseburgers, steamed veggies, beans, and corn on the cob.  It was absolutely delicious and I ate a ton!  I'm sad the weekend is over.  Mondays are not my favorite day, but Shawn is working from home today so that takes away a little of the suckyness.


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