My Favorite Days

Productive Saturday mornings are my favorite.  I love when we get up and enjoy the day together as a family.  Now with Shawn traveling for work, it's even more special.

This morning we got up and went to the Farmer's Market out here in Lawrence.  I love supporting local people and I think food is much better when it's home made or home grown instead of mass produced and made with a bunch of not natural ingredients.  We try to feed our family more organic things anyway.  There is nothing better than buying organic produce from a bunch of hippy men with dreads, baked goods from an Amish woman, and fresh sausage from an old farmer.

After the Farmer's market, we got coffees, picked up my prescriptions from the pharmacy, and got our van a much needed car wash.

Sydney decided she did not like the car wash, about half way through it.  Ben held her hand and comforted her so she was alright, but all we've heard from her since then, was how she doesn't like car washes.

Here's a video my husband took during brunch, asking her what she thought about car washes:

Now to get Syd to nap a little so Shawn and I can get a little cleaning done before the kid's play date at the park this afternoon.  Who knows what the rest of the day will bring.  Maybe some more errands and maybe, just maybe we'll be getting little Syd Bug's ear's pierced.  (She only asks all day, every day to get it done.)


Courtney said…
I love love love that video!
Courtney said…
I love that video!!!
Courtney said…
I love that video!

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