Absolutely Exhausted and Completely Sleep Deprived

That's the life of a parent, right?  Last night we stayed up with a friend a little late, probably too late actually, but it was fun and I like that we can just hang out and talk and watch TV and really just do nothing.

I don't usually get to drink, and when I do, it's not a lot, but I do love a nice glass of wine every now and then.  Last night, after cleaning up the dinner mess, I sat down with my crocheting and a nice glass of sweet red wine.  I enjoyed myself.

My kids are the cutest and wackiest kids ever.  Here's Ben and Syd telling the world about their cute little problem of ants in their pants.  (No, they don't really have ants in their pants, it just a fun game we play where they pretend they have ants in their pants and I have to tickle them or shake them or something to get the "ants" out.)

Also, I made some really awesome bacon and tomato sandwiches last night.  We had this amazing bacon from the farmer's market in the fridge, so I made homemade bread that we toasted and I made some delicious herb mayonnaise that I saw on Sandra's food blog.  I've never made mayonnaise before, but I am a bit of a mayo-aholic and now I don't know that I'll be able to be happy with store bought again.  Haha!  Seriously, best bacon and tomato sandwiches ever.  My Dad would be so proud, I'm sure.

This morning, Sydney decided that she really liked some coasters, that I had crocheted.  I gave them to her and she has been using them as coasters and pot holders in her kitchen.  She is too funny and tries so hard to be like me.  I love that, she looks up to me.

I had to take a picture of silly Rylie and myself.  She's so funny and just smiles and laughs and laughs.  I couldn't have asked for a more easy going and happy baby.

This morning, I crocheted Sydney a cute little flower to put in her hair.  Ok, so I crocheted it by accident, but she doesn't know that or care.  She told me it was so pretty.  If she likes it, that's saying something, because she truly has her own sense of style and you aren't going to force something on that child.

This afternoon, Shawn and I went outside to do a little yard work before heading to Kansas City.  Probably not the wisest decision considering the temperature was about 107.  I mowed the backyard and watered the plants, and Shawn removed some more poison ivy, and moved our baby dogwood trees from their pots to holes in the ground in the backyard.  

Tomorrow (or I guess technically today, now) is Shawn's sister's birthday.  Little Kelly is turning 21.  I'm so excited for her, and at midnight, they took her out to the casino.  I'm holding down the fort at Shawn's parent's house with the kiddos.  Don't get me wrong.  I like to go to the casino, but if we have the money to go to the casino, I'd rather use that money shopping.  Haha!  Really though, it's a right of passage, and I'm so excited for her.  She's not the 10 year old kid she was when Shawn and I started dating.  She's gone from a sweet, cute kid to a beautiful, smart, fun woman.  

Happy Birthday Kelly!

(I took this picture from Kelly's Facebook from when we to the blueberry patch.  She took it.)

Now, after 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night and a super late night tonight, I'm really ready for bed.  Ben's laying against me watch My Little Pony, the girls are both asleep and Morgan is now home, upstairs in bed.  I think I may lay down as well.  They can wake me when they get home. 


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