Mason Jar Muffin Breakfast

In an effort to use my Mason Jars that I've been buying... I decided to try this muffin idea.  I have to say, they turned out delicious and really cute!

Also, they are so easy, so I don't know why someone wouldn't do something like this.

Mason Jar Muffin Breakfast

I used muffin mixes, but make any muffin recipe you like.  Instead of cooking them in a muffin tin, use 4 oz mason jars.  We made 6 chocolate chip, 6 blueberry cheese cake, and 6 wild berry.

After they've cooled a bit, put yogurt over the top.  For the chocolate chip we used vanilla and honey greek yogurt and for the fruit muffins we used strawberry and honey greek yogurt.

Put on any additional toppings you like.  For the chocolate chip we sprinkled some peppermint hot cocoa mix and chocolate chips over the top and for the fruit muffins we put some cut up strawberries and blackberries on top.



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