A Day In The Life Of A Sleep Deprived Mom

Well, today turned out to be one of those days where nothing goes the way you think it will.  We ordered Kelly a birthday present and it has not arrived yet.  No worries, we're not surprised since we just ordered it from Etsy.

I didn't get to sleep last night until well after 5 am.  Rylie decided, when we got her out of her car seat to go to bed, that it was party time.  Needless to say, sleep deprived Mommy had to stay up then.  We finally fell asleep, only to get up at 9:30.  Yuck.  I've gotten a total of about 7 hours of sleep all weekend, and was so tired this evening that I put Sydney's jammies on Rylie and didn't realize until I had the pants on her and at that point thought it was too funny so I put the shirt on her as well.

I started out the day with a giant mocha and then a nice long shower while Shawn watched the kiddos.  I really appreciated that.

For lunch I made some ham and cheese crescent roll ups and a huge fruit salad with the most amazing cherries and delicious mango.

I think Sydney may be a doctor or a nurse someday by the way she was taking care of her Daddy's hurt finger.

While the girls napped I did my hair and make up.  I have so much hair that even the littlest styling takes FOREVER.

This evening we went to Kansas City to have dinner for Kelly's birthday.  Ben slept on the way to town but Sydney sang and danced, especially to One Direction. 

Dinner was wonderful and so was the delicious cake and the homemade ice cream that Terry made.

Shawn even took a video of us singing Happy Birthday to Kelly.  I apologize, my husband is amazing at a lot of things, but singing is not one of them.

Ben was sharing a chair with Morgan.  I think he was making the moves on his uncle's girlfriend.

Morgan had Rylie on Kelly's bed and she kept hiding on the floor and then pooping up saying "Boo."  Rylie would jump first and then laugh and laugh.  It was so cute.

On the ride home, the sleep depravity had apparently gotten to me, because I started making funny faces and taking pictures.  I did get some pretty ones of the farm land along the way though.

Need Botox?  I think so.  Also, when I'm sleepy, my eyes get a little wonky apparently.

Alright, I've been banished to the bedroom.  Shawn told me I was supposed to be in bed by 9 and while I was in bed by 9, I don't think this is what he had in mind.  I'm going to get some much needed sleep.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Sandra said…
I love all your pictures, I'm telling you, one day we'll both be able to sit back and look through our blogs and have so many memories of things we did and places we went :)

Hope you have a great week Liz :)
Liz said…
That's what I want so badly. That's why I blog. I hope that the kids can look back on it and say "Oh yea! I remember doing that now. I totally forgot about that."

Hope you have a great week too.

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