Lazy Days

Well yesterday, I completely missed the Happy Homemaker Monday post... I wish I could say that it's because I was so busy or doing something really exciting, but it was out of pure laziness.  My laptop was upstairs and I just didn't want to walk up the stairs and carry it back down.  Pathetic, I know.  We just had a sort of lazy day.

The day started incredibly late for me.  Shawn sent me to bed at 9, Sunday night and yesterday morning Shawn worked from home and got up with Ben while the girls and I slept until my phone woke us all up around 9:30.  There is nothing like a little cereal to start the day.  Shawn brought home this blueberry frosted shredded wheat cereal and it is so good.

I spent much of the morning trying to get a little studying done.  I have a lot to do before the class starts at the end of August or beginning of September and with three kids, a husband, and a house to take care of, I don't necessarily get a lot of time for my things.

In the afternoon, we got some great news!

Yup, Chris and Morgan are having a girl.  I'm excited to have another niece, someone to pass on all my favorite clothes of Rylie's to and just to spoil rotten.

I made buttermilk pancakes and eggs for dinner.  I'll be posting the buttermilk pancake recipe shortly.  They were so rich, and amazing.  By far, the best pancakes I've ever made.

I also had some cute shirtless, apron-ed helpers.

After dinner, Shawn went to basketball.  I picked up the food and the house and then we went out there too.  It was so incredibly hot.  We were all sweating like crazy;

Sydney was wearing my sunglasses and she looked so funny.

Ben made a friend and he told me that he thought she was pretty.  He makes friends everywhere we go.

I had to add one of the boys playing basketball.  Look at how drenched in sweat Shawn is.

When we came home we put the kids to bed and then Shawn and I ate ice cream and watched Frasier while I crocheted.  I know, we are party animals.

Today, I'm trying to get all my work from today and yesterday done.  I have so much laundry to fold, it's ridiculous.  After I finish my snack, I'll get right to work.

What's everyone's plans for tomorrow, the 4th?


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