Family Vacation Post Four

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Wednesday was by far the most busy day of them all and a day meant especially for the kids.  It started with us getting up and going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  I had read online that they would have a dinosaur exhibit and we are a family that loves all kinds of fun stuff like that.  What kid doesn't enjoy dinosaurs anyway?

I was expecting a few big dinosaurs and then I don't know what.  I was in no way expecting to see the magnificent exhibit they had!  Seriously!

When you first walk into the museum, you are greeted by this extremely tall Diplodocus.  Ben likes to tell me all about why they have long necks and how they use their tails for protection among many other things every time he sees this picture.

They had a really neat, hands on science area for kids.  They got to race different thicknesses of slime, smell what the ozone smells like, and what acid rain does versus what regular water does.  There was really so much more but this was all I got pictures of so I can't really remember the rest.

When you got into the dinosaur exhibit, it started out with these scary guys that happened some time after dinosaurs.

Then you moved on to these guys.

He was actually hanging from the ceiling above you.  It was so awesome.

After looking at the display, you could go upstairs and look over the display from above.

Then we saw the gems display.  For some reason Ben really wanted to see it.  It was really cool.

Everything was dark, except for the displays which were lit brightly.  We made the kids hold our hands because we wouldn't be able to see them if they got away from us at all.

When we finished at the Natural Science Museum we went to the Children's Museum.  Walking inside it almost felt like a sensory overload.  There was a city that they called Kidtropolis or something.  It have everything you could think of from a bank, to a grocery store, to a vet, to a forensic lab even.  It was insane!  You got to do little things at each of the places in Kidstropolis.  It was pretty incredible.

They got to build their own vehicles and race them down the track.

Ok, so Shawn was playing too.  He's just a big kid.  Honestly I tried and don't have enough coordination to stay on the board thing for more than 3 seconds or so.

For dinner that night, since it was a fun day all about the kids, we finished it off by taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time.  Yes, we have them in cities near us, but the food isn't great and restaurants like this aren't a huge priority to us.  Well they weren't before, but now the kids keep asking to go back.

Yup, they haven't really changed since I was a kid...

Sydney liked the ride stuff.

Ben did also, but he really liked games as well.

When we got back to the house, the big boys (Shawn and Uncle John) ran out for BBQ sandwiches and pie.  I would say that the day was a huge success, and if memory serves me right, the kids slept pretty well that night.


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