Open House

My little man is growing up!  Ben starts pre-school next week.  Expect a sad and sappy post from me sometime next week.

Today, was the open house at his school so we got to meet his teachers, see his classroom, play outside at the recess place, meet some classmates and their families, do puzzles, color, and of course, we got to meet the class pet Sylvie. She's as guinea pig.  Ben thought she was hamster at first.  I had to explain that she's like a hamster but much, much bigger.

This was in the hallway outside the classroom, before we went inside.  Of course Sydney had to get in the picture.  You can't take a picture unless it has Syd in it, here.  Hahaha!  You can see the excitement on Ben's face.

The second we stepped inside, he got super shy.  It took a little bit to wear the shyness off.  We went to look at Sylvie the guinea pig and then he met another kid in his class who turns five the day before Ben does.  Those boys went and worked a dinosaur puzzle together, and Ben's shyness had worn away.  Soon he was running and playing with other kids all over the place, and Sydney was not far behind.  She thinks she's big like he is.

I think Ben starting school will be more difficult for Sydney than anyone else.  She's never really been away from Ben and she uses him as a comfort item, especially as we've pretty much gotten rid of the Ninny (pacifier) and she's needed something or someone else to rely on.  We'll have to wait and see.

Expect lots of posts, filled with Ben's school projects and what he's doing.  After all, I am a proud and bragging mom.  I feel like Ben starting school will help get him the attention and opportunities that he needs since he's so quiet at home and often is overshadowed by Sydney's gregarious personality.

We were at the open house for quite a while, when Rylie started to get fussy, as babies often do when they get hungry.  I told Ben we needed to leave and he got very upset.  He did not want to leave.  We were there longer than a lot of other families and Rylie was not only fussy but starting to get really heavy.  His teachers were trying to make him happy by telling him he gets to come back next week.  Nothing worked because he didn't really want to leave, but finally we made it out of there with only a minimum amount of tears and no major tantrums.

I think Ben will do great and to be honest, I'm a little a jealous because he's going to do so much fun stuff that I wish I could do too.  I guess that's the life of a parent, right?  Being excited for your kids and wishing you could do all the cool stuff they are.


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