Prepping For Vacation

This week has been a blur of time flying and all kinds of emotions.  I'm not going to bring drama to my blog, it already happened with Facebook, but I will say that I don't think my family will ever be the same again, and maybe, just maybe that's for the best.  We could use all the prayers or positive energy we can get though.

Our weekend started Friday with a trip to Topeka for lunch at Cracker Barrel with my Grandpa and my Uncle Chris.  It was so nice to see them.  I really want my kids to know them and have them for support as well.

After lunch, we went to Kansas City to spend some time with Shawn's mom.  We went to visit Julie's mom at her office and the kids fell in love with this really creepy looking doll that was there.  It was about the same size as Sydney and they were wrestling with it and dancing with it and calling it Sydney's boyfriend.

That evening after dinner, we went to the fair with Kelly (Shawn's sister) and let the kids ride some rides after seeing the animals.

Saturday, my sister had her baby.  A boy named Payton Scott.  I didn't get to go up and see him though as drama began.

We had lunch with some friends that we hadn't seen in so long.  It was so nice seeing them and reminded us that we need to get together with them more often.

That afternoon, we went swimming as a whole big group.  It was fun with all of the family in the pool.  We made a huge whirlpool and then Shawn, Chris, and Kelly were doing some funny climbing on each other.

Sunday we had pretty much just a lazy day.  We hung out at the house Shawn napping, me reading, and the kids napping and playing, until we decided to go to Kansas City for dinner and then some swimming.

Monday, all hell broke loose with my family and most of the day is a blur to me.  I do know, that in the evening, we made our own laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent.

Tuesday was pretty much a normal day, but in the evening, we got the opportunity to take our kids to their first Royals game with Andy (Shawn's Dad).  We had such a good time and the kids sat much longer than I thought they would.  The best part is, the Royals actually won!!!

Today, has been a crazy day full of cleaning and prepping dinner for tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight, we're packing our bags because tomorrow evening we leave for Texas!  I'm so excited.  We reserved a rental car and have purchased tickets to all kinds of fun things.  Also, and possibly the best part of this whole vacation, we are staying with and visiting some family that we hardly ever get to see and I'm thrilled!  If I'm MIA for awhile, now you know why.  Be prepared for big posts full of pictures possibly while we're on vacation, but for sure when we come home.


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