Family Vacation Post Three...

I told you.  So much stuff happened on this trip that to put all of these in one blog post would be absolutely insane.  You can view the first or second posts by clicking on their links.

Tuesday we went to The Space Center.  It was really cool and I was just eh on the idea of going.  We mostly went for Ben and Shawn who are space nerds.  I love space, just not to the extent that they do.

The look on Sydney's face was priceless.  She was not sure about the helmets at all.

They had different suits all over the place in cases, on mannequins, and even hanging from the ceiling.  It was like a horror movie come to life for me.  I am very afraid of the suits.  Don't ask me why, I can't exactly explain it other than there could be dead people inside and you'd never know...

Made you picture a dead person inside, didn't I?  Hahaha!  Now you know how I feel every time I see a picture of an astronaut suit, a video, movie, etc.

They had a big space shuttle and you could inside.  You weren't techinically inside, because the only thing there was the front, but you felt like you were really inside.  It had the seats, the bathroom, the lockers, everything, and you could walk through it.  It was really cool.

We went on one of their two hour long tram ride tours.  I wish we would have had enough time to do the other one also.  It was just really neat.  They took us to NASA so we could see old mission control.  When I saw the sign that said how many stairs there were, I thought Psh that's not too bad.  I was so wrong.  87 stairs, is a lot of stairs and I was also carrying Rylie and a diaper bag.

It was worth it though because it was really neat sitting right behind old mission control.  You could almost feel the history that had been made there and it gave me goose bumps.

After seeing old mission control, they took us to Rocket Park, where we got to see the Saturn V.  

Sorry for the awkwardness of this photo.  I took it with my panoramic app on my phone.  There is really no way to explain how big and amazing the Saturn V actually was.

I was shocked to find, that with as massive as the whole thing was, this is the tiny little space the people actually rode in.

To be honest, we went to the Space Center at the perfect time.  The Mars Rover had just landed about a day or so before we went and then a few weeks after we came home Neil Armstrong died.  It was neat that the kids were able to understand who he was because of going to the Space Center too.


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