Family Vacation Post Two...

Ok, I'm finally getting the opportunity to sit down and do my second vacation post.  You can view the first one here if you missed it.

So, Monday we went to the beach.  It was a nice, mostly overcast day.  Don't think those clouds fooled us though.  Being the pale family we are, we stopped to buy sunscreen anyway.  None of us managed to get burnt at all.  Woohoo!

I had memories of Galveston being a little dirty, but I never had bad memories of it.  Everyone told us before going how gross the beach is.  While it is no Bahamas, it is quite beautiful.  My Aunt Marci said that the hurricane a few years ago cleaned it up quite a bit.  The sand felt like powder, and the beach smelled of wonderful salt water.  It was everything you want a beach to be and we really had a good time.  The kids had never seen the ocean before and only knew what they see on TV.

Aunt Marci and Uncle John rented an umbrella so that little Rylie would be protected from the sun.  We set up a blanket and towels as well as all the beach toys they bought the kiddos and then went out to enjoy the beach.

The kids liked sitting in the very shallow water and feeling the little waves wash over their toes, at first... but before long the novelty wore off and they were ready for deeper water which scared me.

My husband is a giant kid.  It's really a good thing.

About 8 years ago, when we were in Daytona, we buried Shawn at the beach.  This time, Shawn buried Ben.  I thought he would freak out as he really started getting packed down with sand, but he thought it was so funny.  He just didn't like that the sun was in his eyes.

Even Rylie enjoyed the beach.  She liked the water and the breeze and watching her brother and sister play in the sad.

We even got to see a shrimp boat.  The kids really enjoyed it.

Shawn helped the kids make an awesome sandcastle with the toys that Aunt Marci bought them.  This might be my favorite picture from the trip to beach.

The kids made some friends on the beach.  People in Texas are really friendly.

Before we left the beach, we made sure to collect some sand and shells to take home.

After we left the beach we went back to the house to get cleaned up.  The kids and I took one big group shower, which was an accomplishment all on it's own.

After getting cleaned up, we went to eat dinner at a really yummy and really nice restaurant called Little Pappasitos Cantina. Then, to top off the wonderful day, we went to get pies at House Of Pies.

This might have been my favorite day of being in Texas.  It was a very relaxed and fun day that we spent together as a family.


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