And He's Off

Yup, Shawn's on the road, or in the air again.  He's on his was to Santa Rosa, California and won't be back until super late tomorrow night.  The kids are heart broken every time he leaves, and days like today when he goes at 5:30, it's even worse because they don't get to say real goodbyes.

Last night, because he'd be gone the next two days we took the kids to the basketball courts while Shawn played basketball with his friends.  The kids ran all over and had a good time.

Today, the kids woke up and laid in my bed watching My Little Ponies together.  We came down stairs for a late breakfast outside.

The kids really enjoyed it and as long as it's still somewhat comfortable in the mornings, we'll be enjoying breakfast outside.  As a matter of fact, that's where we still are.  I'm planning for the day, Ben and Sydney are watching My Little Ponies on the iPad at the table, and Rylie is enjoying her swing.

We're off to the grocery store and then maybe to go swimming later this afternoon.  Hope you all have a beautiful day.


Sandra said…
Sorry your hubby just left :)

Love all the pictures, it really is nice to enjoy breakfast or lunch or any other meal outside :)

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