The Week Is Flying By

Is it really Thursday already?  This week has just flown by.  Between the ridiculously hot weather and the running from here to there, no wonder it's gone so fast.  I feel like Monday was just here.

Oh my goodness have we done so much fun stuff this week.

Sunday, after Shawn's parents left, Shawn did the grocery trip for me while Ben, Sydney, and I made M&M cookies.  Maya waited for us to drop crumbs so she could eat them.  She was not so lucky.

Monday, Shawn worked from home since he was leaving that afternoon.  This way he could spend a little extra time with the kids and with me.  He even went to Rylie's checkup with us.

Rylie is a cute and healthy chunky girl, but while she's a chunk, she's still longer than she is heavy, percentile wise.  When the doctor told us that he was going to send the nurse in, to give Rylie her shots, Sydney went into hysterics.  She did not want her sister to get shots.  She screamed and cried until we left the office.  The nurses were laughing and I was even told that they've never had that happen before.

I crocheted a pretty hat for Rylie in about two hours, which I don't think was bad, especially considering it was two hours with many many many interruptions.

Shawn left for Chicago, Monday afternoon and we just hung out around the house.  Bed time when Shawn isn't here brings times for my weaknesses.  Peanut buttery chocolate goodness, golden girls, and catching up on my blogs.  All in bed.  Yup... I'm lame.

The kids usually wake up in a great mood and love each other up all morning long.

Sydney has been busted multiple times, trying to feed Rylie, and now she's adding drinks.

Tuesday we had a meeting at Corpus Christi Catholic Church to get me signed up for RCIA classes and see about preschool possibilities.  We got all cleaned up and dressed nicely.  The kids were so well behaved and looked so cute.  The preschool classes are full, but I'm officially registered in the RCIA classes and I couldn't be more excited.  Ben still keeps asking to go back to God's house.

When we left the church, it was so hot that we went straight to Kansas City and got into the pool.

By the time we got home that evening, the kids were asleep, so I moved them up to the bedroom and fell asleep watching Frasier on the iPad.

Wednesday morning, we got up bright and early as the kids tend to do.

We made homemade bread, refrigerator oatmeal to get Shawn and I through the end of the week, and we made our own butter.  I've decided that I now understand why people were so skinny compared to now...  making butter is hard work and we just used a jar, not a churn.

This took up most of the morning so we quickly packed up and jumped in the car to head to Shawn's parent's house.  We were going to surprise Shawn at the airport but we got there a little early so we decided to party it up with a little swimming before hand.  The kids got to do naked swimming and they enjoyed it.  Don't worry, Rylie wore a diaper and all three were sun screened from their heads to their toes.

Shawn's dad drove us to the airport to pick up Shawn and both of the girls fell asleep in the car.  Ben and I went in to get Shawn.  Ben was so thrilled to see his Daddy come walking up the ramp and I think Shawn was surprised.

After dinner, we went back out to the pool where Ben and Sydney got to swim with Shawn.

Rylie and I sat poolside and relaxed.


Elise Martinez said…
I love the photos that you have in this post! Also, that hat that you crocheted is amazing! SO CUTE!

I live near Chicago so I hope that your husband enjoyed his stay here and got to see some of the beautiful city!
Liz said…
Thank you! I love taking photos. I can't stop. Haha! My kids find it a little annoying.

Unfortunately my husband was only in Chicago for about 24 hours and didn't really get a chance to do anything other than work and eat.

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