Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::::

101 degrees today and 100s all week.

On my reading pile:::
We Live to know, love, and serve God by Fr. Osacr Lukefahr, CM
Years by LaVyrle Spencer 

On my tv:::

True Blood and some Frasier 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday- Pigs in a blanket
Tuesday- Nachos
Wednesday- BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches 
Thursday- Breakfast burritos
Friday- BLTs

On my to do list:::
Folding laundry
kitchen floor

What am I sewing, crocheting, knitting, or creating:::
Working on some granny squares as I teach myself to crochet

Homemaking tips:::
Once again, it's another vinegar post.  I just love vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.  I have a dishwasher that I use at least once a day and I worry about chemicals.  I just learned that you can use white vinegar as a replacement for Jet Dry.

Looking around my house:::
My husband is sitting in the chair next to me, reading his book on his phone.  The kids are playing with his suit case probably trying to figure out how to fit inside to go with him.  Rylie is fussing for attention next to me and you can hear the dryer running.

From the camera:::

On my prayer list:::
I'm praying for my husband who leaves again today and to everyone else who's significant other can't be there.  


Heather said…
Love your homemaking tip. I'm going to have to try that. Vinegar is way cheaper than jet dry
Liz said…
Exactly! Jet Dry is expensive, and from what I hear, very toxic.
farmgirlalways said…
I love reading your posts - I think you are a WRITER!!! You need to write a book or sell ads to a blog page???
Elise Martinez said…
I've been watching a ton of Frasier lately! What a great show. I love the brother's mutual dry humor :)

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