What A Day... Already

Yesterday afternoon, we went to my in-laws house and went swimming.

Ben got over his fear of the water last summer and while we make him wear floaties, he's jumping in and being thrown like a mad man.  Sydney on the other hand has gained a huge fear of the pool.  To a certain extent I like them to be afraid.  It makes for less of a chance of them just jumping in, however, it's no fun to get in and have a child cleaning for dear life to you and can't do anything on their own in the pool.  I'd rather play with them and wear them out than carry them around the whole time.  Yesterday, we conquered Sydney's fear.  Finally!!!  By the end of the day yesterday, she was all over that pool without being held.

This morning, we got up, dressed, and ate breakfast outside again.  While we were eating our banana bread, Ben said "This is the life, right Mommy?"  He was so sweet, and you could tell that he really thought it but was just wanting me to agree with him.

Today, I've accomplished a lot.  I've done the dishes and laundry, cleaned my room, and started the spaghetti sauce for dinner in the crockpot and have bread rising on the stove.

I got the kitchen clean and looking nice.  Too bad the kids will trash it at dinner.  Maybe we'll eat outside.

We've played dress up and painted nails also.

Now it's time to fold the last of the laundry, put it all away, and manage the kids in cleaning their rooms.  My work is never done...


Sandra said…
Work is never done, but it really is so rewarding when you're having wonderful days with your kids :)

I wouldn't trade my life for anything in this world and I know you wouldn't either, we really are "living the life". Ben is a smart one :)

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