Full Days and Attitude Adjustments

Yesterday was an amazingly spontaneous day.  I love weekend days like that.  I woke up with Ben and decided, "Lets go to the Farmer's Market!"  I got everybody up and dressed, and off we went.  I love the Farmer's Market.  I love supporting local individual farms and people better than giant farms that are located God only knows where.  I love the people and the atmosphere.  Most of the people there are really friendly, you get to really know and like the venders, and every now and then you see people you already know.

After we left the Farmer's Market, we came home to eat and put away our new produce, and then left to Shawn's parent's house.  They were doing work on the house, and might I add, kicking butt on all their projects.  They were in the act of painting the garage when we pulled up.  It looks amazing.  Shawn helped out with the painting and then took his Grandma to run some errands.  We watched GG's (Thats' what the kids call Shawn's grandma) dog and after a little swimming in a freezing cold pool, we took the dog for a walk.

Our dog is a ninety pound lab so when we take her for walks, either Shawn or I hold the leash.  She would drag the kids along or get away.  GG's dog is a much smaller dog that is older and not used to exercise so she was the perfect walking companion for Ben.  He was so happy to get to hold her leash.

Shawn and GG got back just in time for dinner, but shortly after dinner, Shawn, his sister Kelly, his friend Buck, Kelly's boyfriend Michael, and Terry all went fishing.  I hung around a little while long at Shawn's parent's house, letting the kids play outside and then get their baths and a story before coming home.  The kids fell asleep in the car on the ride home and because of Shawn being gone fishing, I carried all the sleeping children into the house.  Rylie is easy to carry.  She's in her little carrier car seat in the middle row by the door.  Ben and Sydney not so much.  They are clear in the back and you have to reach over the middle row seats to get them out.  I also need to add that Ben, although he's only four, is a giant boy.  He's tall and solid and I was told by his doctor that he's the size of an average six year old.  That's fifty pounds of dead weight being lifted over a car seat, out of the car door, and all through the house to his bed.  Talk about a work out!

Funny side story:  When we were leaving Shawn's parent's house, Julie and I loaded up the kids in the van and I started to drive away.  After pulling into the street, I realized I forgot something at the house, so I pulled back into the driveway and ran into the house.  I grabbed what I had forgotten and as I was grabbing the door I saw what for half of a second I thought was Rylie laying on the living room floor.  I soon realized that it was one of their cats, Fatty, but for half a second I about pooped myself for thinking I left my 3 month old laying on the floor and put an empty car seat in the car.

After carrying the kids in the house, I realized the dog was barking, so I went around the house to let her in. While I was out there I thought I'd move our plants back to where they belong since the Scotts Lawn guys moved them all onto the patio when they did whatever to our grass.  I moved one of my tomato plants and something next to the house moved.  It was small but I was praying it was too big to be a spider.  I turned my flashlight on and saw it was a baby bunny.  It was all by itself, and I felt bad for it.  We live by a wooded area and I worried that it would get eaten by an owl or cat, so my motherly instinct (as Shawn calls it) and I decided to save the rabbit.  No Mother, I know what you are thinking, and I did NOT bring it in the house or attempt to keep this bunny in anyway.  I did however pick it up and hide it in the corner of our stoop behind our ferns and brought it some lettuce and spinach.  He later hopped away.

I did some cleaning around the house and sat down to do a little studying and before long, Shawn was home.  During his errands, he picked up some amazing tamales for our good friend Torren.  He came over late last night, after Shawn came home, to pick them up and hang out a little bit.  We sat on the patio and chit chatted in the lovely weather at about 1:00 am.  I'm so in love with our little stoop, porch area and want to spend all my time out there anymore.

This morning, the kids woke me, bright and early.  After being up so late last night, which was mostly my fault, I was not ready to get up with the sun, like Ben loves to do.  He thinks that if the sun is awake, he should be too.  Unfortunately he's not a believer that when the sun "goes to sleep" he should too.  Ben took the iPad to his bed and laid there watching My Little Ponies on Netflix.  Apparently My Little Ponies has a creepy fan following called Bronies, which if you aren't aware, is older people or usually used in reference to men, that watch this show.  It's funny to me, because I used to watch it when I was a kid, and I had tons of my little pony dolls, and I've even watched this show with Ben and am not quite sure what these people get out of it.  Maybe I'm too naive, but to me, it's just a kids cartoon.

Sydney got up not long after Ben.  If she's up, your sleep is DONE.  She wakes up Rylie and gets into everything she isn't supposed to.  This has left me a bit of a grump and in need of a reset.  I don't feel tired after my coffee of the morning although I'm thinking another cup maybe necessary.  I'm starting to get better, after sitting here to write this blog, but between the kids fighting and the rain, I'm still not in the best of moods.

Here's my morning reset.  A little computing, some warm maple twist, and a nice cold mocha.

Now, I need to figure out what we are doing with our day.  It is Sunday after all and we usually have Sunday dinner altogether as a family.  Due to the rain though, I don't know if we're going to Kansas City or if they might come here.  I guess we'll wait and see.


Sandra said…
Sounds like you had a busy day :)

Hope you get to relax today and maybe get in a little nap :)

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