One More Day

It's Sunday which means that there is one day left of our weekend, and one day left with Shawn before his next trip.  He leaves tomorrow for Atlanta and won't be back until Thursday.

Because of Shawn's travel and our busy schedule, we try to do as much as possible on the weekends and they usually start late Friday afternoon.

Friday morning started with Sydney feeding Rylie her apple.

It doesn't matter how many times I stop her.  For some reason Sydney loves to feed her sister.  I must say that this is better than the ring pop a week or two ago.

In the afternoon we went to Shawn's parent's house, where Chris, Morgan, and Shawn and Chris' friend Darren were getting ready to leave for their float trip.  The kids were bummed that they were leaving and wouldn't be there to play with them, but I hope they had fun.

Rylie gets a lot of tummy time and desperately wants to crawl.  She'll be army crawling in no time which scares me because she's only almost 4 months old.  I'm not ready for this yet.  The kids like to get on the floor with her and encourage her too.  It's so cute.

After an afternoon of swimming and a wonderful dinner, Sydney got her first haircut.  Really it was just a trim.  Julie cut Sydney bangs.  Her hair was so cute, but when she can't see and is constantly brushing the hair out of her eyes, it's time to do something about it.

Saturday morning, we got up and got ready to go to the Farmer's Market.

I love the Farmer's Market.  Between the delicious produce, baked goods, fresh meats, and beautiful flowers and plants, it's heaven to me.  I love the people playing music and we often give them money in their instrument cases.

Being there makes me wish I had something to sell.  I just love it so much.

After lunch, we went to KC and what should a board person do to pass the time in the car when your kids are either sleeping or carrying on, on their own, your husband is on the phone and there is nobody to talk to or music to dance and sing to?  Take goofy pictures of your self of course.

We spent the afternoon in the pool, and Shawn ran to Liberty to visit his Uncle Mike.

(I've totally got about 40 pictures of myself from yesterday, which is funny considering I don't like the way I look.)

Ben and I were trying to push Shawn in the pool from the ladder and instead it popped out of the deck and the end of the ladder bounced off of my foot twice with Shawn still on it.  It hurt so bad but I'm just thankful it happened to me and not to Ben.  It's bruised and swollen all the way up the side to my ankle.  Ouch!

After dinner we all packed up and went fishing.  Syd fell asleep in the van on the way to the lake and slept the whole time, which was a bummer because I think she would have had a fun time.

Shawn's sister's boyfriend Michael, lost his ring in the rocks and a lot of time was spent looking for it.  Unfortunately they weren't able to find it.

They were doing their scratchers tickets with a shell and rock or something.  Such gambling addicts!  Haha!

We were getting ready to leave and they caught another fish so they tried to let Ben reel it in.

When we drove home, we drove the country roads.  I just love country driving.  A plane must have been coming in to the airport because the runway was all lit up.  It was more beautiful than this picture lets on.

When we got back into town, it was late and the kids were sleeping, but we weren't done yet.  Our good friend, and the children's God Father, Torren came over.  He's an amazing artist and did this caricature of Ben as his latest favorite super hero Captain America.

Unfortunately Ben was asleep and wasn't able to see it last night.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, hanging out together, and watching Game Of Thrones.  I'd like to add that Torren is a man of great style and pulls off this Hello Kitty fedora of Syd's flawlessly.

This morning, when the kids got up, I showed Ben his picture.  He was so excited, words can't even express his reaction.  I only wish Torren was here to see it.  Ben feels like the luckiest boy because he's Captain America.  He wants to carry around the picture all day.  We told him we'll put it on his wall for him today.

We can't wait to see what Torren comes up with for Sydney.  Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be every bit as amazing as Ben's.

Now we're trying to figure out what the plans are for today.  Whatever it is we need to get the move on because it's already about one o'clock.

Enjoy your Sunday, I know we will.


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