Absolute craziness...

There is definitely no time for breaks in our crazy lives right now.  Time is moving so fast.  Sydney will be here in 4 weeks and our lives are already hectic.  I keep thinking, surely it's going to slow down, but it doesn't.  Shawn had a conference out of town for work last week from Wednesday morning through Friday night.  There are lots of possibilities for more of these coming up for him also.  That is both exciting and sad.  I'm so happy for these opportunities for him but at the same time, while he's away from us, we miss him like crazy and when Sydney is born it will be even more difficult to be apart from him.  Luckily though we have a great family and support system to help us out and keep us company.

This weekend was the super bowl.  We had a little party of our own.  Shawn's parent's came out and so did my Aunt Leslie, Uncle Chris, and their boys, Dylan and Hayden.  The boys are growing up so fast!  I'm constantly reminded how fast Ben is going to grow up.  We had wonderful food.  Shawn's family made cheese dip, we made chicken dip and corn bread and Uncle Chris made jalapeno poppers and my Aunt Marci's recipe for chili.  Everything was so yummy even though the jalapeno poppers were quite spicy. 

We've finally been able to add a few new movies into our Cars rotation with Ben which has been wonderful.  He likes the Toy Story movies now too so we get to watch those mixed in with Cars over and over again.  His cars collection is just getting bigger and bigger.  I think it's so cute how many different ones they have.  He's collecting the Cars characters that have the hologram eyes.  They are extremely cute.

Work is getting really crazy.  My department is being moved and none of us know what is going to happen to us.  Whether we move with the job or become phone reps or get new jobs we don't know.  All of this happening right as I'm getting ready to go on maternity leave. 

We're still looking for a house but not having much luck at this time.  It's scaring me because we are getting really close to our deadline.  I had a little accident on the stairs today which scared me badly.  I didn't hurt myself or the baby, I'm sure, but it could have been really bad.  Luckily I caught myself before landing face first or on my belly.

Like I said, there is lots of craziness and no real time for a break right now.  On top of all of this, we are still doing our normal things around here.  The normal cleaning, cooking, crafts and lessons with Ben, etc.  We are trying to get Ben, and all of us really, on a much more reasonable schedule. 

Stay tuned for more craziness in our hectic lives and watch how this all pans out.  Also, this week Ben is learning the letter C, we working on special valentines for special people in our lives, and we are doing his regular valentines as well. 


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