Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  We took it easy around the house and tried to get caught up on laundry since I was a serious slacker last week as far as housework goes.  My mother and father in law came out to see us for a little bit which proved to be a bigger task than any of us were expecting.  The weather caused a huge 30-40 car pile up on I-70 and caused their trip here to be almost 3 times as long as normal.

Ben and I finished our valentines this morning.  It took me 3 days (a couple of hours everyday) to finish mine and it took Ben 2 days (a couple of hours a day) to finish his.  It was fun though and I'm really proud of how they turned out.  Here are the ones I made for Shawn and Ben.  I'll post pictures of the rest, after we give the rest of them to family on Tuesday.

This was Shawn's.  It had a little letter to him on the back.

This is the one I made for Ben.

I'd like to tell you I thought up the whole cute idea on my own, but I didn't.  I got the idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.  I made them out of those fun craft foam sheets.  Originally I was going to cut out the pieces and let Ben glue them together but the pieces slid when the glue was put on them until they dried so it wasn't so easy.  Here's the valentine that Ben ended up making for Shawn.  It was super cute too.

Shawn got me tulips and we shared a fruit covered cheese cake thing.

Shawn's parents brought us all chocolates.  Ben got a box of Hershey's kisses, since they were peanut free.  He loves them!  I however got the best box of chocolates.  They are Christopher Elbow chocolates and they are almost too pretty to eat.  Keep in mind, I did say they were almost too pretty to eat.  I have eaten two of them and they taste even better than they look, if you can believe that.

My poor mother in law, Julie, wasn't feeling well so they left pretty quickly and didn't even stick around for dinner.  I felt really bad for her and hope that she gets better soon.

Since they have left, we have worked on laundry a little bit (I'm going to have plenty to do tomorrow as well) and watched TV.  Big Love was mighty crazy tonight.  If you don't watch the show, you should.  It's on HBO and I believe is on it's 4th season.  

I'm hoping that we can get to bed soon but we are waiting on our sheets to get out of the dryer.  Ben also took a nap this evening from about 5 until 8 so I'm sure he'll be up for a while.  Since he's up so late, somebody has to stay up with him and Shawn works in the morning, so I get night duty.  Alright, I've been rambling on and on and probably not making any sense.  The point of this blog was really just to say Happy Valentine's Day and to brag about how nice mine was.  I think that has been accomplished as well as my nonsense rambling, so I'm going to get ready for bed and hopefully will be sleeping fairly soon.

I'm leaving you with a couple pictures of Ben (my dinosaur man) in his dinosaur pjs, making his dinosaur puppet eat another toy dinosaur.  By the way, next week we are learning the letter D.  Can you guess what our D is  for... craft will be tomorrow?  Haha.


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