The letter B

This week we are learning the letter B.  I got this really cute idea from another blog No time for flashcardsWe followed it pretty closely.
B is for Bumble Bee

What you will need:
yellow and black paper
googly eyes

1.  Draw a giant B on your yellow paper.

2.  Cut out the letter.

3.  Let your little one color the B.  We used markers for this particular project.

4.  While your little one is coloring away, cut wings, stripes and antennas from the black paper.

5.  When your little one is done coloring, cut the inside pieces out of the B.

6.  Glue your wings and antennas to the back of the B.

7.  Glue the stripes onto the B.

8.  Glue on your googly eyes.

And then you're done.

Here's our alphabet gallery on the fridge.

And for fun, here's a picture of my fun little helper.  He likes to wipe up the table while I pick up the supplies.


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