Another busy weekend.

I'm beginning to think that my weekends from here on out will be busy, busy, busy.  This last weekend was no exception to that.

Friday night, we went to CiCi's pizza.  It's one of the few places we can go with Ben's allergy.  Ben has really come out of his shy little shell and was performing for the kitchen staff and giving high fives to some Fort Scott Community College athletes that were eating just a few tables away.  It was really cute.  Then, we went grocery shopping at Walmart.  We had to give in and buy Cars.  We have a copy somewhere in a box or bag in the garage, but haven't been able to find it.  We have been renting it from Blockbuster but it's getting very expensive.  Also, when we go to Walmart and Ben is a good boy, we allow him to have a car.  Sometimes it's a hot wheels or matchbox car, but lately it's been the Cars characters with the hologram eyes that cost about $3.  We do this for him, even though we probably shouldn't every time, because when he comes home, he continues to play with the toy not discarding it like yesterday's news.  He plays with every car he has most of the day every day.  He even likes to sleep with them.  We also got him new Cars books, pjs, tooth brushes (I stock up) and bubble bath.  Most of this was a surprise and he was so excited.  I also got the full sized ironing board I'd been wanting so badly for quite awhile.

Saturday, Shawn went to his friend's house for Dungeons and Dragons.  While he was there, Ben and I went to Shawn's parent's house in Kansas City.  We have a really good time with them.  We went to Costco and looked at baby clothes and books and lots of yummy foods.  When we got back to their house, Ben and his Granny played blocks with Jenga, watched the KU vs KSU game which was awesome, at pizza, and Ben got a bath and haircut from Granny.

Sunday, we slept in because we had a late night the night before.  When we got up, I made chocolate chip banana muffins.  My mom, brother, sister, brother in law and nephew all came up to Lawrence and we went to the home show.  I love doing fun stuff like that.  Interior design and home remodeling are very big interests of mine.

They had a woman there making balloon animals and Ben got a dog and a sword.  We had lots of fun.

After the home show we went to Paisano's for some yummy Italian dinner.

Shawn and my brother-in-law, Chris, spent most of dinner giving my mom a hard time which had us all laughing and her quite embarrassed.  It was so much fun.

After dinner we came back to our house and the boys all played.  My brother brought a bag full of Nerf guns and a sword.  We don't have any of that here because I didn't know if that would hold Ben's attention or if he would even get how to use them yet.  I see now, that we'll be investing in some Nerf guns very soon, since Ben had such a good time.

Here was the boys playing with a sword:

My nephew CJ:

My sister Courtney, and Ben:

After my family left, Shawn made brownies and we did laundry.  We played together as a family and watched Big Love.  Here is a funny picture of Ben beating up his knight daddy with his balloon sword:

After this full weekend, I was exhausted I headed to bed.  Ben decided he wasn't ready for bed yet so he laid on the couch next to his Daddy, who was playing Madden, and watch Cars on Daddy's lap top.

After weekends like these I feel like I need another weekend just to recover.  I have made my goal this week though to be more motivated than I have been in the past couple of weeks.  We are picking back up our letter of the week (Letter B this week), doing lots of house work and organizing, and just hoping to get by while Shawn's out of town this Wednesday through Friday.  I know we'll be fine, but knowing how much Ben and I will miss him on top of everything else is hard.


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