That burst of energy I've been looking for.

I'm not overrun with energy, but I'm much better today than I have been.  Last night, Ben was asleep by 12:30.  I know that is still late, but it would have been earlier if dinner didn't take so long.  We didn't get eating until after 11 which caused everything else to run late as well.  Ben slept until 11:30ish this morning so I've decided that he doesn't get a nap this afternoon.  We are really trying to work on his sleep schedule.

Today, while he did his coloring sheet, I cut out the letters A-E from those foam sheets we have.

Here's Ben doing his coloring sheet for the day:

Now he can play with them and not have to worry about ripping them.  Every week, I'll make the new letter for him as well.

He's such a silly goober today.  He wanted his picture taken with each letter, but when I got out the camera, it was all business to him.  He wouldn't smile for the pictures.

This afternoon, we've been playing with cars, watching Up, and I've been baking cookies.  Every time I sit down to add a little more to this post, Ben asks for another cookie, so I'll get back up to get us each another one.  Haha, no wonder I've gained 5 pounds in the last week, when I was up only 2 pounds this whole pregnancy.


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