Parks and Pet Stores

This afternoon turned out to be well worth going out even though I was exhausted.  Before we took Shawn back to work from his lunch break, Ben ate a mini lunchable.  This is not a lot of food and Ben eats 2 of these generally at a sitting, so when we got back from taking Shawn back to work, I made him eat some left over macaroni and cheese.  It's one of his favorites.  After lunch, Ben to do his lessons (or "school work" as we sometimes call it) that I believe I mentioned earlier he was not happy about.  He actually colored 2 coloring pages very nicely without complaint (after he got started anyway) and we came up with a few D letter words.

After he was done, we went to the park and played on the toys.  He was a little nervous at first but eventually worked up the courage to go down one of the big slides on his own.  I was so proud of him.  He had such a good time "driving" and being a scary animal on the toys.

It seemed to get cold fast though so we ended up leaving after half an hour or 45 minutes.  I felt bad about cutting his time so short, even though this play time was really cutting into nap time, that I decided we had find something else fun to do.  I decided Pet World sounded like a fun plan.  Last time I took Ben to Pet World, he freaked out over the animals and it was a terrible experience but it's been several months so I thought we'd give it another try.  I love Pet World because they have all kinds of animals and you can handle some of them.  Last time we started with the reptiles and moved through the cute furry things, to the birds and finished with the fish (the least scary of all).  This time I decided that we'd go in reverse.  Either he's a lot more fearless now or I made the right decision because he had a blast.  You'd have thought we were in the zoo.  He wanted all of the fish and couldn't get over the giant tortoises.  He got to pet a ferret which he thought was funny.  He even liked the snakes and lizards.  His favorite though was the giant beautiful Macaw.  He even recognized what it was and the store employees were impressed that he called it a Macaw and not just bird.

We had so much fun and I hope that we will get more opportunities to do things like this.  I just need to be creative and also explore what is free or close to free in Lawrence, Kansas City, and Topeka that will continue to be fun and exciting as well as good learning experiences for Ben.


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