The letter D

This week is all about the letter D.  Today, we did a craft that I saw here on Totally Tots.  It's super cute and this mom's blog has some really cute and amazing ideas.  There are a lot of pictures with this craft today, because Ben was being silly and it's moments like these that make me laugh when I'm feeling down.  I may need them one of these days.  Haha.

D is for Dinosaur

What you will need:

2 shades of green construction paper
googly eyes

1.  Draw the letter D on a piece of the construction paper and cut it out.

2.  Color the D.

3.  Cut out 4 rectangles for legs, 1 rectangle for a neck, a tail, 5 triangles for spikes, and an oval for the head.

4. Glue the legs , tail, and neck onto the back of the D.

5.  Flip the D over and glue the head onto the neck and the spikes onto his back.

6.  Glue on the eye.

And it's done.

Here is our Alphabet gallery on the side of the fridge.


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