So much to do, so little motivation

This has been a crazy week.  Ben has decided that he's not going to sleep at night and would rather sleep during the day.  We are trying to work with him and get his schedule back on track, but so far no luck.  We are co-sleeping still with hopes to soon move him into his own bed and his own room.  We will not be co-sleeping with Sydney.  We have added Up to our movies that Ben wants to watch at all times.  It's kind of funny.  He got stuck on one movie and now he just loves any children's movie he watches.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  Nothing new or exciting.  I did beg for him to get her out now and he laughed and told me no.  I also had a pre-screening for a job at work.  It's actually for my current job, but the job is moving to a different department and supervisor and the new supervisor is hiring new people or us for the job openings.  It's kind of weird and scary to interview for a job you already have, for now.

Last night, I came home from work, dreading the pile of dishes I had to wash.  Shawn had done them already and had already taken out the trash.  He told me to go take a shower.  This is a big deal, as I'm sure most mothers know, because you don't have time to relax and enjoy the warm water, it's a jump in, get clean as quickly as possible and jump out type of situation.  Then when I got out of the shower he had me put on something comfy and he and Ben picked up the living room.  Shawn put lotion and these gel lined booties, that he bought me, on my feet.  Then we all watched Up together as a family.  It was a wonderful evening and really made me appreciate what I have.

Today, I'm exhausted (like I have been all week), but I'm chugging a long.  I've got a lot to do.  More dishes, folding laundry and then throwing new dirty laundry down.  This week I also wanted to clean up Ben/ the kiddo room and clean up our room as well.  I wanted to get the rest of the clutter out of the kitchen also.  If we aren't going to move before Sydney gets here, then I at least want the house to be easily livable and also if we find a place, quickly and easily packable.  I'm just not sure that right now I have the energy to do all of this.  It's just overwhelming and to know that Sydney will be here 2 weeks from yesterday at the latest doesn't help ease my stress.

I just want a nap.


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