The letter E

This week we are learning the letter E.  Today's craft was on No Time for Flash Cards.  It was super easy with not a lot of details.  I felt kind of bad, so we will definitely have to find another big craft to do later this week.

E is for Elephant

What you will need:

Blue or Gray paper
markers or crayons
googly eyes

(I took the picture using crayons but decided later to use markers.)

1.  Draw and cut out the letter E, but leave the middle long and like a trunk.

2.  Draw and cut out an ear and tail.

3.  Color the E.

4.  Glue the ear on.

5.  Glue the tail on.

6.  Glue the eye on.

And you're done.  Told you it was super easy and not very detailed.  Just not a lot of pieces. 

Ben wanted me to take his picture with it on the fridge too.

Our lovely, growing, alphabet gallery on the fridge.


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