Bubbles, Finger Paints, and Many Meltdowns.

Today was a rough day with a few perks.  I spent the early afternoon having a major meltdown about laundry, dishes, and moving.  There just wasn't enough time in the day for me to meet my 5:00 deadline.  Shawn eventually talked me down and told me that the kids were my priority so the things I wanted to do with Ben, while Sydney slept, were what I should be doing.  I was so stressed because I'm at home while Shawn's at work and I should be making sure that everything is done so he doesn't have to do any of it.  Maybe that's old fashioned of me, but I feel like it's what is fair even though I'm also with the kids.  Normally, it's not an issue, but with the move and a 5:00 deadline, it was all too much for me.

Ben and I decided to go outside on the deck to blow bubbles.  After blowing bubbles we were going to finger paint for Finger Paint Friday.  I thought that the weather was so beautiful we might as well do it outside on the deck.  Ben loved it as always but doing it outside made it even more fun and special.

He loves blowing bubbles and it was such a perfect day for it too.

He thinks you have to put your mouth on the wand to blow bubbles.

Putting the wand on your lips to blow the bubbles, gets the stuff all over your face, including in your mouth.  He found out that the bubbles don't taste good at all.

He loved blowing bubbles out of the pipe, but he had a hard time remember only to blow, not to inhale afterward, and he would end up with a mouthful of bubble stuff.

When painting or coloring he likes to be quizzed on what color he is using at the time.

He was much better about using the finger paints this time, and was less concerned about the mess on his fingers.  This made me happy because it all washes off really easy and he's in a paint shirt so who cares if it stains.  I just want him to paint and have fun.

The finished product.  He was so proud too.

Later, we were supposed to go out to eat for Terry's birthday and later found out Michael's (Shawn's sister's boyfriend) birthday is Monday and so it was kind of for him too.  We went to Montana Mike's but Ben ended up having a huge melt down and refused to sit at the table.  Michael got a haircut and wasn't wearing his glasses.  He didn't look like a new person to me, but he did look different.  Ben has a huge fear of people he doesn't know, particularly men, and apparently Michael looked different enough to him that he didn't recognize him.  Needless to say, Shawn ended up taking Ben home and I ordered their food to bring home.  After a while at the house, Shawn was finally able to show Ben that Michael was our friend and that he is "cool."  Ben must have caught on, or finally recognized him because he calmed down a lot.

Yesterday, we got our new furniture, and had it taken straight out to the new house.  I got really nervous about our move and began to doubt whether or not we made a good decision.  I didn't want to tell Shawn though, because I do this all the time and figured we'd be fine.  Today, after bringing out a few more things and walking around showing Shawn's mom our plans, I felt so much better.  I can't wait to get fully moved in.  It's going to be so nice and comfy cozy.  I'm still a little nervous, but am super excited as well.  I think I'm not nervous about us having made a bad decision now, just nervous about the moving process and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Alright, I need to get going because we have an early morning tomorrow with moving.  Hopefully Ben's movie will be over soon so we can go to bed.  He's been hooked on 101 Dalmatians (Thanks Aunt Marci) as well as his other movies he's been hooked on.  He calls it "dogs."

Once we get most things moved, I'll post pictures of the new house.

Lastly, a quick side note, Sydney turned 1 month old today.  This month has flown by and it's been so much fun.  I've only had a couple days of stress (today for example) but that's not really related to being a stay at home mom of two, just from moving and whatnot.


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