The letter I

We took a break last week to learn about Easter but now we are back with the letter I.  Once again we did a craft from Totally Tots.  Also, there is a lot more on that blog.  It's not just alphabet crafts.  Apparently it's a group of women that contribute to this blog and they contribute a lot.  There are crafts, learning ideas, books, religious inspirations, and much more.  Ok, now back to the craft...

I is for Iguana

What you'll need:

googly eyes

1.  Draw the letter I on a piece of paper and cut it out.

2.  Cut out a head, tail, and tongue.

3.  While I was cutting out these pieces, Ben was coloring an I is for ice cream coloring sheet.

4.  Color the I.

5.  Glue the head and tail on to the I from the back.

6.  Glue the tongue onto the head from the front.

7.  Glue the eyes on.

And it's done.


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