My Poor Boy

There has been a lot going on here lately.  Things never seem to be boring around here.  I wish our lives would slow down or get boring, but it's not happening.  I'm tired of being busy and I'm really tired of all the "excitement." 

Thursday, the guys came out to start removing the old bath tub and put in our new one.  It is a long process by the way.  We've still got a few days to go.  The guy doing it though is really friendly.  Ben likes him which is funny because he doesn't like strangers, especially men.  Here's what the bath tub looks like right now.

Ben has had a double ear infection and been on amoxicillin.  Thursday, with about 1 dose left, he came down with a terrible rash and hives.  After talking to a couple of nurses on the phone (one of which was very rude and told me it was probably only a virus and I could bring him in if I wanted but that we wouldn't see a doctor only a nurse practitioner) we went to the doctor's office and found out that Ben is now allergic to penicillin.  Here it is now Sunday evening and Ben still has a rash and hives that come and go all day and all night.  This picture was after we started treatment.

My life has been so crazy and hectic that I don't even remember what we did or what happened Friday evening until our friend Torren came over.  We were hoping to go to the farmer's market on Saturday, but we were all up so late Friday night that we slept right through it. 

Shawn had Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday, and it takes all day and sometimes well into the night.  I took the kids and headed to Kansas City for time with my in laws.  I also had some shopping to do for my best friend, Lauren's baby shower, and I needed a pedicure badly.  I hadn't had one since the week before Sydney was born. 

We have a termite issue here in this house.   The landlord is trying to take care of it for us but it seems we are having exterminator issues.  We've known they are coming out of the wall in the room that will be Ben's room, but last night, I went into the bath room and found out they are coming through the wall in the back of the house as well.  It grosses me out really bad even though I know they won't bother us, just eat our house and whatnot.  Just thinking about them right now is making me all itchy though.

Today, we are going through stuff back at the old house.  Well, Shawn is going through stuff but we will be heading over there shortly as well.  Ben needed a nap badly, so we came back to the new house to make it happen.

My friend, Lauren, and her husband are flying up from Hawaii tonight.  They will get here tomorrow and I'm super excited.  I hope I get to see her more than just at her baby shower.  I miss her a lot.  I know it's silly, but sometimes I wish we could all move to Hawaii too.

Sydney is getting so big! She's smiling a lot now.  Her beautiful smile makes me melt.  It cracks me up how much she looks like Shawn, but Ben looks a lot like me.  Here's a picture of Sydney smiling at Ben.  She loves him so much and is constantly smiling at him.


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