The letter L

This week, we got a late start on our letter of the week.  This week, we covered the letter L.  I got this craft from No Time for Flash Cards.  Since we've moved, and live a couple of blocks from the hospital and while we are out and about see a lot of emergency vehicles so I thought that this one would be lots of fun for Ben.  I was right.

L is for Ladder

What you need:

2 colors of construction paper

While I was getting this craft ready, Ben colored his letter L coloring sheet.

1.  Draw and cut out the letter L.

2.  Cut out 2 strips as tall as the L and then several strips as wide as the vertical part of the L.

3.  Color the L.

4.  Glue the little strips on the vertical part.

5.  Glue the long strips on the same part of the L, but going up and down.

And you're done.


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