Foam Easter Eggs

I've been pretty busy this last week and haven't had time to post our latest projects or any updates.  I'm finally getting the chance to do that now.

Here is the first craft we did this week for Easter.

Foam Easter Eggs

What you need:

Foam sheets (some with adhesive) or glue
piece of paper

1.  Trace on a piece of paper an egg shape stencil and cut it out.

2.  Trace the egg shape on a foam sheet.

3.  Cut out the foam eggs.

4.  Cut out shapes from the foam with adhesive on the back. (I just did circles and strips.)

While I was doing this, Ben was coloring an Easter coloring sheet.

5.  Stick the shapes to the eggs and you're done.

This is my egg:

This is Ben with his egg:


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