Well, the definition of Jinx is a person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck, or a condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.  Read that carefully then look at me.  That's what I've been feeling like.  On Tuesday, I posted that I was truly happy.  I am happy, but it's been rough since I posted that.

To start, a little after I posted the blog, we got bad news about Shawn's mother's illness.  I can't really go into detail for her privacy's sake.  While it's turning out that with treatment, it may not be as bad as we thought, it's still worse than what we were all expecting.

I've been having a rough time with the unpacking of the kitchen.  The kitchen being my domain and a fun place for me should be easy, but I need to lay contact paper before I can unpack anything.  I'm having a hard time finding places to roll it out so I can cut it, and I'm too short to reach most of the cabinets and need assistance.  This house is just a mess and it's making me a little depressed.  I'm trying to fight it though.

Also, we've had a major clogged toilet problem.  Shawn worked on unclogging it for a while on his lunch Wednesday.  Later Wednesday, I was walking down the hallway and realized it was wet, and I mean really wet.  I went into the bathroom and the floor was dry as was the cabinet under the sink.  I went into the laundry room where I had just finished a load of laundry and everything on the floor in there was soaked.  After having a plumber out, we found that there was paper towels and carpet fibers in the drain from the toilet.  It was clogged from that, but when I did the laundry it was too much for the drain to handle which caused it to flood.  It's fixed now, but wow.  After all of this, I feel like I jinxed my family and I on Tuesday.

This week hasn't all been bad though.  We did a fun craft, blew lots of bubbles, went to the park four of the last five days, and last night we even walked to the park.  That's 1.6 miles one way and a total of 3.2 miles.  I know that's not a lot to most people, but I'm really out of shape and 5 1/2 weeks out from a c section.  I'm desperately trying to loose weight.  I can't cut calories because I'm nursing but I can eat healthier and exercise.  I want to set a good example for my children and create healthy eating and exercising habits for them as well.

It's also very important to me for us to do as much as we can as a family.  This we have been doing.  It's wonderful.

Here's us blowing bubbles in the backyard:

Here's pictures from the walk yesterday to the park:

This has also been a week for doctor's visits for the kids.  Ben has a double ear infection caused by allergies.  Sydney had her check up.  She's growing so fast.  She has grown an inch and 2 lbs and 2 oz in the last two or three weeks.  I can't believe how big she is getting already.  Ben of course is growing like a weed as well.  I'm convinced that he will eat us out of house and home.  I worried how we'll feed him when he's a teenager with as much as he eats now.  I guess we'll have to see... Haha.


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