Hand Monarch Butterflies

This week, we've been watching the show Life from the Discovery Channel that we have on the DVR.  Ben has really enjoyed it and today he wanted to do a craft where we would trace his hands.  One of Ben's favorites on the show were the Monarch butterflies, so that's what we did.

What you will need:

orange and black paper
black pipe cleaner
googly eyes
black marker

1.  Trace both of your little one's hands twice on the orange paper.

2.  Cut the hand prints out and color them with the black marker.  Make sure to leave some orange.

3.  Cut out a body from the black for your butterfly.

4.  Glue the hands to the back of the body.

5.  Glue the eyes on the front.

6.  Tape the pipe cleaner, folded in half and shaped like antenna, to the back.  (I cut ours a little shorter.)

And you're done, although if you white paint or markers you might add some to the wings and body since they have white spots as well.


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